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  1. 8700 at break took a horrible beat or would be at 25000PokerStars Game #10253507346: Tournament #51167518, $200+$15 Hold'em No Limit - Level I (25/50) - 2007/06/03 - 16:40:36 (ET)Table '51167518 411' 9-max Seat #2 is the buttonSeat 1: spaceboy (9675 in chips) Seat 2: sophos1 (12325 in chips) Seat 3: edved0011 (11200 in chips) Seat 4: bitemeie (8775 in chips) Seat 5: shaveit (6680 in chips) Seat 6: The Chalk (10870 in chips) Seat 7: polly1 (9675 in chips) Seat 8: jucifer (9925 in chips) Seat 9: reenie_1 (10875 in chips) edved0011: posts small blind 25bitemeie: posts big blind 50*** HOLE CARDS *
  2. in million but not in LL GL everyone
  3. First Event was 300 dollar buy in winner took 44k so turn out is good.structure is different for some of the buy ins but 1500 to 2000 in chips for the smaller events with 25 25 start and 40 min levels.
  4. I live in omaha Ne and was contemplating playing in the 500 dollar event... is anyone on here playing in any of these events?
  5. So small ball must be pushing all in with ace queen after a 350,000 dollar reraise is bet?Hmmmm Im sure he has some secret formula as to why this was the correct SMALL BALL play here.
  6. No that was not the point..Ive gotten first in a 2000 player feild, and in a 500 player feild. Not the point I had been playing pretty tightly and he instantly called with K6 now it made it worse the way the cards came down but i really didn't think it was a good call... i see the numbers do make it close but with the way i had been playing AK is a good possibility for my hand.
  7. Here is the hand i don't think he is getting the right price to call here but i could be wrong. Also this was a 5000 dollar point tourney. Only top ten get paid out of 1851 players. It was rough to go out in sixth to this hand and im not sure why he called? Game #1659145616 - Tournament Players Club $5,000 - 10,000/20,000 No LimitTexas Hold'em - 2006/08/19-17:23:10.3 (CST)Table "PPC $5000 34" (MTT) -- Seat 2 is the buttonSeat 1: **K** (434,377 in chips)Seat 2: JoeVicky (480,770 in chips)Seat 3: sophos (203,636 in chips)Seat 5: hawaii73 (1,040,620 in chips)Seat 6: *Chief* (376,967
  8. Anybody have the final tally on the heads up games?
  9. Know so much like......" it is not a good idea, you will most likely lose."BRILLIANT!!!!Also TYFGINE you are a booger.
  10. No the nerd herd is alive and well..god i thought it was funny and all the sudden im kicked out???? kinda harsh if you ask meive seen much worse than what i posted.
  11. Hey does anyone know if madsen is now a part of full tilt?His name is in red now?
  12. SOUND THE NERD HEARD HORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SOPHOS IS BACK after banishment
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