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  1. oh the good ole days when i thought everyone that raised had aces....
  2. The way I play 1/2 NL is I usually mix up my game a TON! I love to raise in position, I also love to get involved in good size multiway pots with suited connectors etc...hoping to hit a nice flop and take down a nice pot. Bluffing is usually a bad thing in cash games, most of the time you will get caught. If you do feel the need to bluff, do it on small pots where you are not risking much money.Most importantly have fun!
  3. i know it is not mike the mouth, but i could for sure see him lying to his mom to win some money off her!
  4. if anyone wants to rail me, ill be playing monopoly later and drinking some beer! support FCP!
  5. stick to some 1/2NL, and some tourny's....good luck and have fun
  6. already discussed in the blog section...
  7. What kind of success have you had in the past with 10+1 sngs? If you have besn struggling lately I would drop down to the 5+.50's for awhile. I also play on full tilt, I play 1/2 NL SH but im not too good at following proper bankroll management...I would stick to 10+1 sng's if your running decent, or 5+.50 sngs if you think you need to tune up your game or are running bad, maybe throw in a little .25/.50, but I wouldn't step up any higher in limits untill your bankroll is sufficient enough to withstand some variance....good luckyou can find me on ftp as PhishLips if you ever want to watch me
  8. the low limit stakes up to 2/4 nl will always be profitable.....just with lower rakes when online sites start competing more and more....
  9. howard is very smart with his money, yes he is loaded, but he just doesn't like to travel all over the place putting up 10k every event plus travel expenses....he usually sticks to the wsop and online for ftp, you may find him at an occasional tournament every now and then but dont expect to ever see howard traveling around....he also is a big family guy....
  10. to the OP, if you get up step out for a bit and grab a bite to eat somewhere or something....take an hour break then come back and play again after you cashed out +100, +200 etc....then you know you are going to end the night ahead if you lose your next buyin, which hopefully you do not....just a way to get yourself away from the table to regroup yourself and get out ahead, a winning session builds confidence no matter how much you win....
  11. well atleast you know you should not have called this hand preflop, as far as the flop goes...when you a play hand like A8d to a raise, what do you want to hit the flop? well apparently if an ace would of hit you would of been scared someone had you outkicked so when you the flush draw that is exactly what you had hoped for...no point in folding your hand since you hit the flop the way you wanted to, also good odds so you made the correct push after the flop but be careful calling with that hand preflop to a raise and a reraise....
  12. i did see david and jdags on fulltilt playin together the other night and talking about it, jdags seemed surprised that nick lost that much....but of course variance is a bitch....
  13. be prepared to see mike the mouth run over to mark seif and cry on his shoulder when he loses....
  14. Just tryin to get an idea of what everybody's favorite online tournaments are to play on a regular basis?I am a big fan of the 3$ and 5$ dollar rebuy tourny's on stars, wish I had the bankroll to play the 200+15 on stars every sunday but do not.Anybody a big tournament player on fcp? they have any good rebuy tourny's? what about absolute?
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