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  1. Lon: "This Quagmire guy is really something special"Norman: "Yeah, if you looked up 'Rock out with your c-ock out' in the dictionary, it would have his picture next to it"
  2. Montrose - straight rock n roll. End of discussion..38 Special not Hair Metal either, just one helluva crappy band.Van Hagar's best album was OU812, and Black and Blue was my favorite. Once I was forced to listen to crap like Right Now, I was done with them as a band.Got my 7 year old rocking out to Rainbow In The Dark yesterday. If you've never seen a little kid banging his head, you're missing out on one of the supreme joys in life.
  3. Saw Jeff Healy Band open for the Allman Brothers a few years ago. The highlight of that show was the 60+ year old couple in front of us lighting up a J every 15 minutes or so. I'm sure it was for their glaucoma (sw).Anyone who mentions having ever gone to see .38 Special has issues far greater than mankind can solve. This is coming from a guy who intentionally bought tickets for a Lita Ford concert. I forget who said it, but I saw Dio in '86 too. Great show - Megadeth opened for him. Too much satan in one night for a good Christian boy to handle though. Needed a good hot shower afterwar
  4. Oh man, how could you forget the 5th band on the Monsters of Rock tour? Kingdom Come!!! and their hit . . . . . yeah.I saw the Tesla show that ended up being the Five Man Acoustical Jam album. One of the best show's I have ever been to. Then, took my future wife to a Firehouse/Tesla show. Their Great Radio Controversy album still makes my top 25 list.Poisonsolo David Lee Roth (ugh)Winger/ScorpionsBullet Boys (can't believe how many of you guys have seen them)Dangerous Toys (anyone seen them? - great show)Lita Ford/Yngwie Malmsteen (yeah, I said it!)Skid Row/AerosmithWarrant (Where the Dow
  5. Every player you've ever beaten on your way to a winning session would rather have had the money in their stack at the end of the night, as opposed to having lost it to you. Just the exact same way you've felt at the end of a losing night.If you're going to play this game, you have to get a slightly thicker skin. That doesn't mean you need to be impervious to the misfortune of others though, or that you need to be only a stone faced killer at the tables. No one really likes that guy at the table. But, no one plays this game strictly for the enjoyment of it - we're in it for the money, and
  6. If it's chicks you want, then consider:SEATOPENHUGEROLLRAISETUPQUAGMIRE
  7. I lost $5 on an over/under bet on when the Pope would die. My buddy gave everyone 'til 6:00pm. I took the under, and he ended up going the next day.I also bet a buddy 12 pitchers of beer that my tramp ex-girlfriend would call him up and ask him out on a date within a week of us breaking up. She didn't - I paid.
  8. And just think of what a monster you'll be at your next home game. You'll be feared at NLHE, LHE, 7 Stud, PLO, Omaha 8/b, Stud 8/b, Pass the Trash, Screw Your Neighbor, Anaconda, No Peekie Baseball, Dr. Pepper, Acey Deucy, Good Bad & Ugly, Follow the Queen with Low Chicago, and Low In The Hole Roll Your Own.If you can't play all of those, you'll be the fish.
  9. Every day that you're not using it, you're losing money.
  10. Is he the guy they call Buddha? Big time Pai Gow palyer in L.A.?
  11. I, for one, appreciate the info. The next time I'm across the table from Ted, I'll know how to bust him. Hopefully he won't correct this tell by 2030 when I'll have the roll to play him.
  12. I can't believe no one has said this yet. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say "sorry" after sucking out. I know it feels like common courtesy, much like the way tennis players hold up their rackets after their ball hits the net cord and bounces in some screwy way for a winner. You know they didn't go into the hand trying to win it that way. But, I'm NEVER sorry when I suck out on someone. I'm ALWAYS happy when it happens. By saying sorry, I would be lying right to someone's face. When people say sorry to me, I usually say "Can I have the pot then if you're sorry?" The most I
  13. You guys are scaring me saying that the NL game at Imperial Palace is softer than Mandalay Bay. I've found the game at Mandalay to be ridiculously easy to beat, and probably the most profitable game for me over the past year. If the game at IP is so much softer, I wonder how much fun I've missed out on?At Mandalay, the blinds are 2/4 with a max. buy in of $200. the first table you'll be at is a feeder table for the main tables that they try to keep full. You want to try to build a little bit of a stack before you get moved, because it's likely that you'll see a guy at the main table who ha
  14. I recently deposited $500 at Stars in order to take advantage of their once-in-a-millennium deposit bonus. I have to accumulate 500 Frequent Player Points to release the bonus, and am having a hard time making a dent in that number.My normal games are 1/2 Limit and either $25 or $50 NL ring games. I feel like I've been busting my butt and I've only earned 150 FPP's so far. I like the $50 NL game at Stars a lot, but the points just don't add up quickly in that game. I know multi-tabling can be huge help, but my attention span and my computer make playing at more than 2 tables virtually imp
  15. 99 UTG always makes me cringe. You feel like you have to play it, and you know you need to isolate against people who will limp in with any 2, so you pop it for a raise. You know that anyone who calls your raise most likely has a better pair or 2 overs. What do you do on a Jack high flop then?I also hate ATs in LP and have it folded around to me. You feel the need to steal with the hand, but it's absolute dog meat against anyone who would call your raise.QQ is probably my favorite hand, so I can't really identify with all of you guys who hate it. It's reasonably easy to dump if overs flop
  16. That's the funniest damn thing ever. You and I didn't play much together, but you were obviously playing well to accumulate that stack. I thought about folding when you raised, but I only had enough left to call the BB plus the ante the next hand. The dude next to me probably would've gone out before me, but I was playing to get my hands on some chips to give myself a chance for a top finish.We sorta talked about a 9 way chop before the table started, but we all figured with your stack you wouldn't even consider it at that point. Next time I'll wear a big sign that says "I'm FCP - don't bu
  17. Was this the rebuy monkeyfest at The Bike last night? The first prize was $4,000 in that one. I made the final table too - my first ever final table at a live tourney.That would be really weird if it's the same tournament. If so, I got busted by the guy in seat 2 at the final table who was wearing a Dodgers hat. He was the monster stack and I was pretty much committed in the BB with A4o. He shows A8d and I'm done.Nice job with the win.
  18. He has 9s-10s for the straight flush. But then you realize YOU had the 10s too, so a fight ensues, and one of the guys who busted out early who had been sitting around watching TV waiting for you guys to finish takes all the money from the table while you guys are wrestling around. He heads to Stan's Donuts and has a good time on your dime.
  19. My bad - that advice is for LHE.Sounds like you needed to rock up and wait to slowplay your monsters. No more suited Aces, no more suited connectors, and no more low pocket pairs from EP.
  20. I know I'm paraphrazing here, but doesn't Sklansky suggest something like this when playing against a maniac:Call more, raise less, and bet your hands for value more.No matter what, leave the ego at the door, because there's no prize for winning the most aggressive player award. I've heard they hand out prizes for finishing in the top couple spots though. Any truth to this?
  21. Personally, I watch him play a lot on UB. The one thing I've noticed is that he wins tons of chips without showing a hand, especially short-handed. Once the table becomes full, he seems to play slightly more straightforward.As far as reconciling his personal views with his style of playing poker, there's not much you can do there. Maybe coming out of a liberal leaning college like Cal will cause him to put his earnings to a socially conscious use. But, it's silly to think that just because his personal politics lean toward the liberal side, that he's not a stone kiler at the tables. I kno
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