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  1. "some guy called edward g robinson" ??? give him a little credit, he is one of the greatest character actors of all time.JonP.S Rip torn played the rich *******, cant remember his name.
  2. Online Poker is illegal in Canada too, and contrary to the many posts I see on here, if you are making a living playing poker then it is also taxable.
  3. Not sure for SNG but for ring games 10k hands is nowhere near enough. You might be able to see if your preflop play is good by 10k but you will need atleast 100k before you can be confident of an hourly rate.I have had 10k stretches where I have won 500+ BB and I have had 10k stretches where I have lost 180 BB with almost identical VP$IP and PFR% numbers.
  4. I have never played on Party before so I downloaded their software to see what it was like. I was surprised to see that you cant see the %player/flop for the tables in the lobby. Is their a way to do this?
  5. For a 1st offence?Its a max of 2 years not sure what you would get for a first offence. By the way Where do you live?As a Canadian who works in the criminal justice system, I can tell you that for a first offence you'll be looking at nothing except maybe probation. Especially if the Liberals stay in power.OK so you got 11 days to get the game going and get busted!
  6. For a 1st offence?Its a max of 2 years not sure what you would get for a first offence. By the way Where do you live?
  7. If anyone knows the fines or penalties for operating such a game in Canada, that would help as well.It's an indictable offense max 2 years in jail, if you are not running the game and just happen to be there, its summary which I believe is 6months.
  8. Poker is a game that involves luck and skill; in 2004 Daniel had a lot of both and did very well. In 2005 he had less of both and did poorly. It happens to every pro in tournaments and cash games. The good news is that I beleive he still posted a profit for 2005. Many pro will post losses for an entire year at some point in their career.
  9. For cash or tournaments online or in casinos, the button is small blind, acts 1st pre-flop and 2nd after flop.The HU tables at stars are set up like that howver if you are at a regular table and only two people are playing the BB is the button.
  10. are the cash games on pokeroom /fcpthe same as stars where the Button is the big blind heads up? Is this standard, I know for tournament play it is the opposite.
  11. Actually I think the first poker million (the one Duthie won) was the first to use camera's to show hole cards. It was done quite well and thats the format the espn and wpt adopted
  12. sounds weird but 15 years ago if someone told you that there was going to be this thing called the internet and people would be playing poker on their computer screen,that would have sounded weird too.
  13. dumb for obvious reasons but also anyone who would do something to prevent people from chasing does understand the game.
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