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  1. Does anyone know anything about Eastern European player Izmet Fekali? Also called DERB (Doesn’t Ever Run Bad) in some poker forums. There is an ongoing discussion on Two Plus Two about a small cadre of poker players that seem to be studying under him. They have been beating up the biggest online games at the highest limits for a long time. The key is that their playing style is incredibly loose and many feel it can’t be a winner long-term. However, over something like 200k hands, it appears that a player with this style is the biggest long-term winner in high stakes online poker. Something lik
  2. As an intern myself, I 100% agree that you should just give all the money to your intern. We do almost nothing and are pretty much useless. I'm a junior in college and have had four different internships. Each one was an excercise in reading poker forums and trying to look busy.
  3. I agree, this is a total misread of the Krablar and it's intent.By the way, it's a really bad idea to have your stealing attempts in a tournament (particularly late in a tournament with low/medium stack size) dictated by a random couple of cards.
  4. I go to college about 40 minutes away. I know of a club in Johnstown, which is in the same region of PA. They have $1/$2 NL, $2/$5 NL, standard stuff. However, it's a few hours drive of Penn State and I'm sure there are good games right in state college. If you find out what the story is, let me know.I suspect there has got to be at least one card club. If there isn't, someone could make a killing opening one up. Overhead would be extremely low and heat relatively nonexistant.
  5. Ok, actually I was a losing player for my first year at the game. I hadn't read a single book and didn't understand crap about poker. I was in the hole for $835. Then I decided to get my head on straight and starting reading some books. I took a break and read SSHE (Miller), Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold 'Em, TOP, and now both HOH vol. 1 + vol. 2.I won a B&M tourny ($20 rebuy) and that edged me towards the black (+$630). Then I started playing low-limit NLHE and and cashed out $350. I had two winning session at a B&M in a low-stakes NL cash game. I haven't had a ton of time to play po
  6. :roll: Alright guys. I think "guess the hand" is extremely valuable in NL analysis because reading your opponents hand is one of the most important parts of the game.I guess, I should add something: guess what you think each player has and then make comments about their play. That's really what I'm looking for.
  7. A tight player who raises from EP with QJ and then calls a re-raise is not actually tight.I have QQ, MP has QJ, and LP has KK.Overall, I think LP played the hand pretty well, although he should have stuck in a bigger raise before the flop. I'm not sure who I managed to read that he had a big hand, but he rarely ever re-raised. The min-raise made me think he had a really good hand and wanted to build a pot. MP played the hand completely awful pre-flop, on the flop, and river.
  8. Wow. Who raises with KTs? Even in LP? That seems really, really, aggressive. LP is very unimaginative. As for MP having QQ, you think he just calls and then re-calls here? Even very weak/tight players know they are supposed to raise with that kind of hand.
  9. You think MP calls a raise and a re-raise with 9-10? Also, what does mr. min-raise have?
  10. Why? I tend to find hand analysis much better when people don't know what the various players had.Anyone have comments on any and all streets? Obviously it being a 7 instead of a 8 changes things. I would never move in when someone called my flop bet and there was a possible straight on the board.
  11. Oh I screwed this up. It wasn't an 8. It was a 7. Edited now.
  12. This is a $1/$2 hand from a local card club.Game is loose/passive all around. UTQ +1 wandered in and looked lost. I have never played with him before and neither have the other regulars. MP is a tight and occasionally aggressive player after the flop and completely unimaginative beforehand. My image is of a tight player, maybe a little too tight for my own good. We all have around $150.I raise in EP to $6. MP calls. LP min-raises to $12. BB + SB fold. I call, as does MP. Flop ($39): Q J 7 . I bet $30. MP calls and so does LP.Turn ($129): 2 . I move all-in for my last $120. MP calls immideate
  13. Read all of Smash's threads. Particularly the 50 to 1000. It'll make you a better LHE player. Period.
  14. Updates? I'm at work. Spirt Rock is amazing. And he's lefty.
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