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  1. This question has been brought up God knows how many times on this forum, but I've spent the last 2 months over at 2+2. I was looking at some posts, and some newbie was asking what game he should play. NL or Limit. This is the bulk of a reply that was made at 2+2. After all of the arguments we've had here, I've always believed that limit had less variance, and required a smaller BR to make the same hourly rate.I'm sure this is going to bring some ignorant replies, but I'm looking for the ones that might have some legitimate information on why one type of poker has more/less variance.Respe
  2. I was wondering...From what I've heard (I could be wrong) Phil Ivey is one of the wealthies poker players as far as building his own bankroll with ONLY poker winnings. I was wondering how you think his yearly salary (after endorsements) compare to...1. The average pro football player2. The average pro baseball player3. The average pro basketball player4. The average pro hockey player5. The average pro golfer6. The average pro tennis playerKeep in mind, all the endorsements count. I understand that Phil Ivey isn't the "average" pro poker player, but I think it'd be interesting to see how his
  3. :shock: ok...I'm so confused. I would like to know what's the deal with HU SNG's?More or less variance?What kind of BR do I need?Where's the best place to learn strategy?What's the best site for them?The reason I'm asking this is because I'm really intrested in playing them this week. I was just wondering if I should put my $$$ on pokerstars or pokerroom. I lurk the posts at 2+2, and they suggest that HU SNG's have LESS VARIANCE, but I think other's at this forum might disagree.Someone explain something to me before I rip out my hair. :roll:
  4. About to deposit some $$$ into Pokerstars for the 1st time. Just opened an account. Does pokertracker support HU SNG's?Do I need to start a new database, or can I just use the same one I use for the SNG's I play at party?
  5. I think he did, and after Paul became so successful I think he told Paul he was done giving him lessons because his game had become TOO far along.Regardless, just because you are the best at something doesn't mean you could teach someone else to be the best.The best example I can think of is Pete Sampras. No way he could teach someone how to play high caliber tennis like he did. Give Pete Sampras and Nick Bolleterri (One of the top tennis coaches in the world) the same two students, and it wouldn't even be close.I have a friend who is kind of like this. Me and him are at the same level of sk
  6. I used to play exclusively on Pokerroom, but now I only play SNG's on party. I noticed that pokerroom has HU SNG's now, and I think that PokerStars does too. I'm intrested in playing them, but I was wondering if they're even worth it. Are there more fish in the regular SNG's or playing HU?Any advice would be appreciatedTY,Lando
  7. www.gidders.comI forget who gave me the address, but this site looks great, and it surely has great rescources for anyone who plays SNG's.but... this guy claims to have an ROI of over 50%.C'mon now. You don't have to lie to kick it :roll:
  8. wow, that wasn't even close to the explantion I was expecting. I wasn't talking to you, if you have nothing to add to this then your post is useless. you should be spending less time flaming me and more time searching for a new avatar.
  9. Smash, I think you'd know more about this than me, and I'm not saying I you're wrong, but I just want to know why they aren't even close.Make me understand.Then I'll accept it as truth.
  10. I was wondering if there's any way to PROVE that SNG's are more lucrative than ring games. Maybe they aren't. I dunno. I was just thinking this because of the prize structure.$11 on party1st - 502nd - 303rd - 20but if you lose... you only lose $11.Say you have a $300 BR for the 11's vs. a limit ring gameif you're playing .5-1 you should be making about 3/100$11 SNG with a ROI of 20% is $2 per SNG.... I'm not claiming my math is correct, please someone fix it if its wrongJust thinking...
  11. I enjoy his blog, but I lost the address, can anyone help?
  12. I agree about using the search function, it only gives recent posts, and the same goes for 2+2's search function
  13. I would have to think you would need more luck in a team sport as opposed to a individual sport.Definately. That's why I hate football. There are so many friggin upsets. Like when the Pats won the superbowl against the rams... It's really frustrating. I know the same kinds of flukes happen in individual sports, but I feel that in team sports, usually the reason the underdog wins is because the favorite is playing unusually bad, while in individual sports when the underdog wins, it's because the underdog is playing unusually well
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