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  1. I play on full tilt mostly heads matches and when i import the hands I get the following message: Please Note: you have imported hand histories for atleast one tourney without also loading the corresponding tournament summary. The tournament summaries are essential for this window.What do I need to do in order to load the tournament summariesThanks Marc
  2. Every time I go to www.cardplayer.com today using firefox I get and error and it shuts down. Just wondering if anyone else is having that same problem.
  3. You can split the hard drive into a Mac and windows system. They know have a program where you can run both at same time. However if you do that you will have voided the Mac warranty!
  4. Who wants to hook me up with rake back at Fulltilt. I'm going to transfer my money from Doyles.Thanks Marc
  5. Just logged in to see that they are booting off US players on FEB 28th!!!!!!!!!!!!****!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Anyone have more that 5000 frozen?
  7. Just wanted to see how you all feel. I have 1100 stuck in my account. I feel like I will get it off neteller but it will take 6 to 12 months to get.
  8. Has any one been able to talk to someone at neteller in the last two days. Each time I call and select a option it hangs up on me and if I do not select an option it hangs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Would be nice to talk to someone!
  9. Just wanted to know if Canadians are having a tuff time getting there money off and on to neteller?
  10. Just rent a PO box in Canada open a bank account say you are going to be vacationing alot there, verify it with neteller and DONE!.Use the debit card to withdraw and make purchases in US. It is simple to rent a PO Box.
  11. If your truly a pro go to Canada, rent a PO box and get a bank account. Then open a neteller account verify it and done. Use the debit card attached to account and make withdrawls where you live, plus gov won't be able to see funds coming into your bank!
  12. I'am why else would I be posting this crap!
  13. If I hear one more OHIO fan say that 51 day's off killed us I'm going to puke. Hey dumb *** FLA had 37 days off I guess as long as it is not more than 40 your team won't suck *** !!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I know that each Pro is putting up 20 grand of their own cash for poker after dark but they have to be getting something in return!Any thoughts?
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