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  1. My name for 22 is......Anal Warts. I figure since 33 is Crabs, which would you rather have, crabs or anal warts?
  2. Many home games have a rule where you announce 30 to 60 minutes before you can leave. Yours is an unfortunate situation. The guy just has to realize that just like he had the right to get up and leave the table, others have the right to chose not to play with him. Karma's a beeyath.
  3. I never said he was right not to pay. Only that technically, since he didn't state that he was calling, or move chips into the pot, that he can't, and shouldn't, be forced to pay.We all know he meant to call. He thought he was throwing the winning hand in the other guys face. I think this displays his lack of character, bad upbringing, or whatever else people may want to call it.Also, next time you go off on an insult tangent, try to actually spell the insults correctly, or at least consistently. No one in this game is 18. Most players are in their mid-30s
  4. You seem a little misguided here. For starters, the violence I've read about that Doyle has written has mostly been bandits robbing the game. Also, if you think poker is warfare, you should join the military. They'll teach you about warfare.If the kid had SAID "call" and then refused to pay, yes, I'd be in favor of forcing him to pay up. But, in this case, he technically has the right not to pay. It violates the spirit of the rules, but follows the letter.
  5. First, let me say, this isn't my game. I'm just another player there. Second, i don't think violence, or the threat is violence is called for in this situation, and the second player is partially responsible for this mess.That said, when the host later asked what I think he should do, I said the boy should pay, or be told never to come back. It was a cheap move. And, I forgot, but 2 weeks earlier, in a very similar situation, he practically forced another player to pay up. (We have about 25 players who rotate in this game, only these two incidents)
  6. During a weekly $50NL game, player 1 has been telling player 2 that he is going to bust him. By the way, they barely know each other, so it isn't a very friendly atmosphere.Anyway, a few hours in, and both players have around $150. Player 2 raises and Player 1 calls. Flop hits KQ4. Player one checks, player two says again that he will bust him, and bets $8. Player 2 gives him the chance, and moves all in. Player 1 jumps up and slams his KQ down on the board, very pleased with himself. Player 2 flips up KK.Player 1, slumps down, and asks for a chip count. As he is counting his own chips, he say
  7. Not sure I see where taking out money to pay for drinks, snacks and an entry fee for the guy hosting and another for the guy offering supplies (tables, chips and such) is "raking" a game.
  8. Won't be quite big enough a job for the A Team. But, we're capping it at 48 players, and expect to fill up.By the way, I'm keeping nothing. Just the free buy-ins.
  9. Yeah, but if it's going to take 15%, that's a pretty small buy-inThe buy in will most likely be bewteen $100 and $150. Most of the expenses are paying entry fees to the 2 guys helping me.
  10. Known expenses are; paying 2 guys a little to help with the tourny, soft drinks and snacks, maybe a small trophy or such for the winner.Would 15% total be fair, assuming all expenses are taken from the 15%?Thanks for replies.
  11. The guy once blew (According to Todd Brunson) a couple hundred thousand after all he had to his name was 200 bucks.....he went on an insane streak including taking down a tourney and then proceeded to lose ALL of it...all in one day....except of course...for 200 bucks....That is a loser my friend.I could be wrong, but I believe you misread that story. Grizzle had TWO dollars in his pocket when he entered the casino, not two hundred. Got a spot for 10K, ran it up to 160K, and left with....TWO DOLLARS!!!!
  12. Yes, I'll definitely agree that Hellmuth's book is simplistic.If you had that much success with Hellmuth's book... I guarantee if you read and apply David Sklansky's Small Stakes Hold'em, you'll learn everything you need to know to absolutely crush low stakes limit games online.You are right. Two months later, I read Sklansky's book, and got much, much more from it. Helped my game immensly. However, I really don't know what would have happened had I read it first.
  13. I bought it three months after I started playing poker. Like just about everyone, I thought I knew what I was doing. And, after two months of playing small stakes online, I was down. WAY down. I decided to quit poker. Then, I decided that a better idea would be to actually learn how to play.I bought Hellmuth's book and a Sklansky book. Both gathered dust for a month. The one I finally read first was Hellmuth. It was there I learned my most important poker lesson: If you aren't a good, experienced player, limit the amount of tough decisions you have to make. How do you limit them? By playing go
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