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  1. Your buddy isn't very bright.
  2. Why was the ante 1000 at 1500/3000 if it's only going to be 3000 with 10,000/20,000?
  3. Squeezing your draw cards in 2-7 triple draw is mental masturbation.
  4. Hmmm.. Only 6 hours before the first mention of masturbation.
  5. 1000/20001500/3000 a10002000/4000 a10003000/6000 a10004000/8000 a2000?
  6. Hey.. I just came back to my computer and there are people sitting at the table with chips and cards.What gives?
  7. A break to switch chairs and a deck. Nice.And wow, the ace of spades. At least it wasn't the ace of hearts or the queen of spades. Those are very important cards.
  8. I think the reason no details have been released about the players being removed from the table is simply to prevent any of the other players from intentionally shortstacking themselves in the hopes of getting a similar consolation prize, whatever that prize may be.
  9. If it were a freeroll and worth their time (in the form of expectation) then yes.
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