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  1. I figured the bets were okay. But should have I have pushed in right away knowing I'd be called by the chip leader since I had too few to bluff him off it. Or was my attempt at seeing the flop cheap a bad move since it didn't discourage anyone else from jumping in?
  2. Blinds are 300/600, will be 400/800 by the time I'm in big blind (6 minutes left in the 40 minute round). I have 4800 in chips (8x BB, or 6xBB once the blind flips). People usually say short stacked is less than 10x the big blind.The guy in 1st position (chip leader with 29,000) raises to 1600, it comes around to me. I had AJ, I thought about folding it since the other guy might have a pair, but since he's a chip leader he could afford a raise with any two paint. I know he'll call if I go all-in so I just called the 1600 (possible mistake). The guy acting after me, who was also short sta
  3. 3 card braghttp://www.snatchweb.co.uk/l_brag.htm
  4. That's not that bad. I folded A3 suited last wednesday and waited another hand before being blinded out and it earned me $70.You know what I mean... I doubt you were 5 off the bubble or whatever. I'm saying these people have pot odds to call with any 2 and they fold hoping like a dozen people will get knocked out before them. lol.I like it when people assume I'm chicken and raise with anything because they think I'll fold. I do a lot, but if I catch a legit hand I have no problems pushing in.
  5. Take any question asked in the forum and write on it. 5 paragraphs is NOTHING. At least you kids these days can use computers!!
  6. That's not that bad. I folded A3 suited last wednesday and waited another hand before being blinded out and it earned me $70.
  7. He said his strategy was to get into big pots and not a lot of little ones. He said he knew he'd get outplayed on all the smaller hands.
  8. Not so...Daniel bet his QQ and the kid raised allin.Sure, he bet it after just checking and after a crap flop. Daniel could have easily been bluffing.
  9. Suckout? Daniel just checked his QQ and the kid went all in on a legit hand. The kid probably expected Daniel to have Ax or something and wanted to win it right there. I'm sure he wasn't thrilled by the call either. It was a semi-bluff, he got called and hit the semi-part which might seem lucky to some.However to me a 35% chance of taking out Negranu is better than trying to outplay him. I'll roll the dice for that.
  10. Is that with limit or no-limit? Just calling puts me nearly all-in.Any hand I play I have to essentially go all-in on to see all the cards. Her standard reaises were 500 preflop, 1000 at the turn, and 2000 at the river. That's nearly my entire stack just to see all the cards. I wasn't getting great cards, but some were good enough to see the flop on (AK a few times but never panned out). 500 per flop and it gets my 4k short stacked real fast.
  11. They folded to reraises or went over the top with another raise. Sometimes just call. They mixed it up pretty well.
  12. A few months ago I was playing in a tourney and directly across from me on the table where a few people who were playing super aggressive. I am pretty sure they were mostly bluffing. It was good Friday and they had off of work and were drinking most of the day (one won the AM tourney and had been drinking away her winnings until the PM tourney). They weren't bad players, but just drunk and aggressive. Hard to read them too since their expressions were saying "I'm drunk" rather than that they were bluffing or had the nuts.I screwed up and played them badly, and I put a lot of thought into
  13. Are you telling me that the casino's will decide having 10,000 people who like to gamble in their casino is a bad idea ever? Hell no, it's a business and 10,000 people may mean it takes a bigger degree of luck to win and might make the tourney victory more friendly towards one of the lucky 10000 satillite winners but that many people floating around in Vegas for a week has a huge economic impact.
  14. Don't laugh, yesterday I was doing some google searches for satillite tourneys and one of the searches turned up some old forum postings on a site from like 2000. A guy named fossilman was dishing out advice to various people on strategy, etc. He talked about how you need to do X if you ever hope to win the WSOP. I'm sure some people laughed at him too back then.You never know which one of us will win it in the future.
  15. About me being a genious player? Sort of both. When I'm at the table faced with 7 other guys I always assume I'm the best. It helps me stay aggressive. But logically I know I'm not the best player in the world. But I like to fool myself. I'll just settle with knowing I'm the best $20 homegame player in the world...
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