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  1. So Bodog is still active for US players? I havn't been on here in a few months and was interested because a coworker said he plays poker on there, although he uses the site mostly for sports betting.
  2. I want my $235.61, maybe I was a little quick to hit the withdrawal button two days ago.
  3. Folding isn't bad here either. I'd be hesitant too about sticking a 6,685 stack in with blinds 15/30. There will always be future spots. This particiular hand is just read dependant on folding.
  4. Just look at this person after his tantrum and say... "And?"
  5. Simo8 and BDC helped me out alot when I first started playing PLO,
  6. I've seen them play two different sessions of 100/200 PLO today, Isildur went broke just after my watching earlier today and a few hours later they are back at it, I'm assuming after an Isildur reload. They started with 6 tables and are now down to just 2. Isildur going broke at all the tables. My rough estimate is that urnotindangr is up around 400k at the moment for this session.The final day's tally will be interesting.
  7. "You're allowed to hide behind couches during hands"very funny, thanks for posting
  8. any links to this? i'll be honest, i'm too lazy to search
  9. I'm playing my first $4.40 and the wrong ID was entered into the tracker. I entered tourney ID 359838207 and that is wrong. I left it blank. The correct ID is 359838091, which I finished. The wrong ID is to a $.50 SNG I think. Just wanted you to know of my mistake so hopefully it won't be counted against my team.
  10. transfered money, and I'm with Collotto with whatever team name he came up with.
  11. check your option in the BB, don't raise. If you were to raise to steal, I'd just shove it.
  12. I think I've handed out at least a half stack or better to everyone I've played with so far.
  13. Isn't trying to get a 100bb's in preflop with 88 a little spewy?
  14. sure, stamp it. What's your stars sn?
  15. I'm interested but also need a partner, one who is most likely better than me and would single handedly win for our "team".
  16. I don't get on and play that much at Stars but I'm down for a try.Take a vote on game/stakes?
  17. That's an interesting statistic because 62% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
  18. You might be right. I'm saying KK in position against a single opponent is more profitable than 3 handed OOP.I also think his stack off range is probably smaller with an additional hand seeing the flop.
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