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  1. My wife makes this and it is delicious. I use it as a dip or crumble the tortilla chips like you said.
  2. Anyone hope Arkansas and Auburn pull off the upsets? I just want to see the shit storm that will come after that in regards to the BCS Standings.
  3. Yes, I can agree with this.Other driving issues I get pretty heated about:1. Crossing the double yellow line on a two lane road when not paying attention while there is oncoming traffic.2. Somebody who is pulling out in front of you but decides to stop half way out and back up back to the parking lot they were leaving. I mean you are already half way out, come on out the rest of the way.3. Driving around in a downpour with no lights on and continuing the speed you were going when the road was dry. My wife and I almost got taken out by a flatbed truck which was going way to fast for a rain slic
  4. State Troopers and Police Officers where I live. Well actually it's the law-makers they just enforce it.I know a couple and have always been told if they are running radar and you are above 10 over the posted limit on the interstate they will at the very least stop you. 9/10 times the driver is just as pissed at getting a warning because having been stopped has caused them to be put back 5+ minutes on their commute anyway. Your "ideal setting" sounds like you are the only car on the interstate.
  5. Maybe I'm not explaining the situation good enough. Let's say the speed limit is 70 mph and we are doing 80 mph in the left lane and are passing a line of cars doing about 75. About half way past this line another car comes up behind us doing about 85 or higher. I maintain my 80 and get over after I pass the first car in that line. What's the problem? I don't hold up anyone until provoked by intimidation factors and won't hold anyone up if there are other cars behind them. If you have your hazards on and come up behind me then I will assume an emergency situation and get out of your way by all
  6. When I'm cruising along at 10 over the speed limit and someone comes up behind me I move over the first opportunity I get. If you decide I don't move over fast enough for your liking and start trying to "intimidate" me then you will get "douche". If I'm doing 10 over and am "holding you up" you need to slow down anyway. I won't do anything unless the driver behind me starts provoking it by tailgating, high beaming or weaving back and forth. If that makes me a douche then I guess I am, I can live with that. I'm not going to slow down to get out of someone's way, they can wait until I have the o
  7. You have a 5-lane road where the middle lane acts as a right/left turning lane and someone pulls out turning left into the turning lane. They continue to ride in the turning lane until it's clear blocking you from moving into the turning lane to make your left hand turn. The road is just like the one pictured except with more stores/traffic making the situation much more dangerous. As for the riding in the left lane on the interstate, I usually ride in the left lane going about 10 over the speed limit. When I see someone approaching I let them by unless of course I'm in the process of passing
  8. I think SilentSnow is referring to random people who are "growing a beard in his honor". Of course family and friends will be upset with a loved one passing no matter how they die.
  9. That's not a fair comparison, JV teams don't get to go to bowl games.
  10. If you are going to play KQ this early maybe a slightly smaller raise pre like 100-120. I probably just flat the turn. Other than that I probably play it the same. What is your plan with the min. raise on the turn?
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