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  1. i raised to get the others out. for the first few rounds all the hands i had to show face up were either pocket pairs or decent aces. i thought maybe my table image would get the weak limpers out so i could play a pot with the maniac. you couldn't put this guy on any monster hands. hell he called an all in, post flop with 9 10 clubs with a 7, j, 2 rainbow board. and ended up winning with a pair of tens. i was looking to protect my blind and if i hit a good board he would pay me off. i thought my play preflop was ok but my post flop play has been bothering me since it happened. to be honest i
  2. lol yeah i should have did that. i think the frustrations of this guy may have blinded my reads on him during this hand. my thinking was if i raised, the weak players would fold and it would isolate the maniac. that way if the flop went my way i would get some redemption in the way of some of his chips. my emotions may have kept me from seeing the obvious over pair.
  3. ok i need some opinions on this hand thats been haunting me for the past week. I'm playing in a $120 multi table tourney (live) I'm sitting in the bb with 9800 chips which i might add is a little below average. blinds are 300/600 i get delt 6 8 diamonds. utg limps as does utg+1 and the sb calls. i decide to pop it to 1800 to weed out the weak limpers. utg calls as does the sb. the utg call didnt bother me due to the fact that he basically plays every hand. but the sm spooked me a little. flop is 5,6,5 rainbow. i bet out 3200 and utg shoves with a bigger stack. sb folds, this is where i go int
  4. I've had one in my life. i was trying out my automatic shuffle machine at a home game. and it dealt the royal on the board. the ace, jack, and 10 on the flop. king on the turn, and queen on the river. best hand other than that was a queen high straight flush.
  5. thanks for the quick replys guys
  6. not sure if i'm posting this in the right section but here it goes anyway... what is the starting stack for the 1k and 1,500 events? i've tried looking around online but maybe i missed it somewhere.thanks
  7. OK first off let me introduce myself since i am new here. my name is Eric i"m from new hampshire. i have been playing poker since age 12 when i would play with my uncles for pennys. my perfered game in no limit holdem but i do enjoy most of the other games aswell. i'm by no means a pro so i keep my buy ins on the low side, anywhere between $10-$125. I just recently went down to foxwoods and did very well on the 1-2 no limit table and while down there i noticed they would be having a mega stack tourney next week. event 1 is a $300+$40 buy in with $75k prize pool. I've never played any thing thi
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