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  1. No lol, think about.MP raiser was 14/12, who was than than 3bet by another 14/12/3. I assume that the 3 is the 3 betting %, which is low. Calling oop position puts you in a bad spot, if the button had a wide 3b% or the original raiser was looser my answer def. changes.My fold to 3 bet% is somewhere in the low 70's.
  2. didn't notice on first viewing you have the Jof H, makes the hand a fold that much more.
  3. What a terrible spot, hes screaming boat. Ah7h, Ah9h, AhJh, QhJh can't think of really any other hands that make much sense. Tough fold.
  4. Right now I would guess that the avg reg is calling 3-b < 15% the rest of time he is either four betting or folding. If the villain 4 bets are you calling, folding or raising with the 88?And like I said agree I should of flatted the flop bet but given that the it is BvB and my hand has roughly 33% equity against his all-in hands; are we against enough bluffs to make a shove profitable?
  5. If thats the case welcome to Value town IMO fold>raise>call
  6. Its not a fold b/c I am scared of losing the cash. The reasons for not calling were stated previously, the fact we are deep complicates things further.
  7. All-in, on the flop.I understand your reasoning for flatting but you cna't get scared off in these spots. KK is stronger than the hands the villain is going to be putting you on. I don't thing villain is good judging by his bet sizing so I would expect to be up against some very weak hands.Knowing his 3-bet tendancys is a def help
  8. This is bad flop for you to make a move on. The board has hit a lot of the villains range and in the micros villains don't like folding . Also think why bluffing with your given hand may be a bad idea and what other hands may be better for that.
  9. 4 bet shorty pre, as played I wold think this is a fold against most players.
  10. True statement if villain calls a lot of 3 bets out of position but this is 2011. Other hands= med. strength, weak w/ sd value. Should have been more clear for you
  11. I fold this pre 90% of the time, think about it. The reason you gave for calling is that your deeper than normal but in reality thats the reason you should be folding. Hero called the 3bet gets the best possible outcome on the flop/turn and still failed to make a decent pot. Your AJ is in a spot where your likely to be way behind pre. If villain has KK-TT and an A flops you never make $$$, however if he has you dominanted your likely to lose a bigger pot. In the times that you do have the villain dominanted it can be hard for a lot of people to extract full value, again you hit your hand
  12. I believe flatting pre here is correct; unless I'm planning on getting 88 all-in pre.On the flop, my std is to just call but I wanted to see if I could intice spew. If I get reraised on that flop most times I'll be up against big hands, draws, and pure air. If I shove and get called by one of his hands I'll still decent equity against him, at the time I figured that this could work less than half the time to show a profit. Also consider that my current hand on the flop is very strong (vs his SB range) but is still in danger of being bluffed out on the turn or river. Yes it is a very backwa
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