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  1. People, situation yesterday at a $5-$10 table.10-handed tableHero: QQ, Late PositionEveryone callsHero raises to $75Villain (Dealer ) callsUTG 1 callsEveryone else foldsFlop: 4-4-J - Pot: $270UTG1 checkHero raises to $150 (50% the pot aprox.)Villain goes all in ($800)UTG1 foldsHero callsTurn: 4-4-J-QRiver: 4-4-J-Q-5Hero shows: QQVilain Shows: AJHero wons the pot: $1870I raised pre-flop and he called. It was the second hand he had played in the table and the hand before he went all in before with pocket 9. I figured that if he had something, he could have 44, JJ, AJ, JK (not JQ, I had two alrea
  2. I would have played with those cards, reaching the flop, calling or betting a little like you did on the flop, looking for the possibility of someone just calling my bet in order they to think i have something to show a little respect as I dont have position, but when he re-raised you, that means something. He probably had the flush too or set of A or Q (why not?) and he was trying to test your will.I would have called only the flop bet, after that, not anymore, after all, you're just putting in a little more money in order to be able to go all in against his stack and win. If there were the p
  3. I was looking for a flush draw on the turn, and it appeared! After that I just checked, not betting, taking the risk of the river card making a pair in the table or another heart, because Villain was a very tight player. If he thought i had the flush on the turn and I raise, he would have fold his set of kings (believe, HE WOULD HAVE DONE IT!!!, at least, in the way i saw him playing all the night! Not a very sane choice, but he was a very tight player).That's why I checked on the turn!!! The only way to be able to reach his stack, was to take that little risk on the river card, by checking on
  4. Hi Guys, this is going to be my first post. Im from Argentina and I want to know your oppinions on this hand I played yesterday at the Madero Casino.Position: BB - Stack: $1000 (aprox)Blinds 5-10A9s (h). Everyone checksDealer raises to 55SB FoldsI callEveryone else folds.Flop - Pot: $140 aprox.4(h)-K(h)-9(d)Dealer raises to 150I CallTurn - Pot: 440 4(h)-K(h)-9(d)-2(h)What would you do? Raise or check?In this occasion i checked, the dealer checked and a 3© came in the river. I was thinking that he had a set of kings. Killer flush! I checked...he went all in ($450 more). I instantly called.I kno
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