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  1. Honestly, I don't mind games where people made bad calls, putting their money in in bad spots, etc. Sure you're going to get sucked out on more but you stand to make a whole lot of money if you're patient. If people are interested in giving me their money who am I to deny them that right? This is America after all (don't let the terrorists win!).
  2. Yes, this is all true. Poker is a game of information and the more information you get the better your decisions will be. Position gives you that information because you can see how your opponents react to the flop/turn/river. Using that information you can make your plays with that added information to give you an advantage.I think you miss the point of position because you aren't considering what your opponents holdings are. For you its "did I hit the flush/straight/set or not" and that determines your decision from then on out. That's fine for beginning players, but if you play these h
  3. What happens if we include 44 and 55 in the range? Is he too tight to call with those? I'll assume he's too tight to call with 22 or 33 (is he?). Have you shown down some bluffs that he's seen? Is he a smart tight player or weak? Obviously all of these things affect our decision. I'm on the fence with this one because I think its read based. When you play with tight old guys they don't all fall into the same category. Some are tight preflop and tight postflop, so they're easily bluffable. Some are tight preflop, but very loose postflop (they waited so long for that big hand, they aren
  4. What else could he have? Hell, even if he had a gut shot that got there. If he was calling on the flop and turn with a hand you now beat on the river why would he all of a sudden push when the 9 hit? Isn't he calling because he thinks he has the best hand and you're bluffing with ak or some other nonsense? His line just doesn't make sense for a bluff. In fact, it looks to me like he has a straight, perhaps a boat. Yes people sometimes float the flop and turn looking for scare cards to represent, but calling hoping the board pairs doesn't make sense. He called a dry flop, a turn that only
  5. This isn't a bluff often enough to make this call profitable. Every reasonable hand drew out on you. I think you have to dump this.
  6. I like the play, except for the fact that you said he was a good player. Good players say they will raise blind, check to see if they have a good hand and then do it. I do it all the time in my games. Make it sound like you're a raving maniac or that you're steaming and trap some poor fool. When a player willingly gives you information you have to ask why they did it. If he's an idiot then its obvious. But if he's a smart player then there's usually more than meets the eye.
  7. You see, I want to take your points seriously (even though I don't agree necessarily) but then you go ahead and say stupid **** like this. If you want to have a discussion have a discussion. Don't turn it into a pissing contest, even if you feel like others are doing so. Let your play and your ideas speak for themselves. If people disagree, oh well.
  8. I bet 80-90. Commit yourself to the pot. If UTG is interested he will likely see one more for that price. He has no idea how strong you are likely, so he may even move you in thinking you're weaker than you are.
  9. If he's known to push a draw, getting over 2-1, I think you have to call this.
  10. Can you watch the web stream if you have a mac?
  11. I agree with this. Its unlikely you're getting a free card here, so might as well add some fold equity.
  12. What is his 4 bet range? Has he seen you do something like this before with a big and/or small hand? What would he think your 3 bet range is? Without a good read my default is to call and re-evaluate the flop.
  13. That's true, and that would be another argument for just folding the hand. I think you messed up the hand by checking the flop/turn. Now you have to dump the hand unless you're willing to make the big play. in this hand folding > raising > calling.
  14. A frugal donkey!?!? I don't think it gets much scarier than that.
  15. I think it depends on the PFR. Does he continuation bet like 100% of the time? If so then I go for the CRAI. If his cb tendencies are much less than 100% you can't risk give a free card. So I like the donk bet of about 40-60, hoping that someone check raises so you can get it in.
  16. I understand the frustration. But the fact is this isn't one of those tough river decisions that just appeared out of no where. You got here because of earlier mistakes in the hand. Now, I understand why you made those mistakes, and at least you're thinking about it, but the above posters made their comments in order to help you correct some of that thinking. We're here to help. Anyways, on the river, you beat three hands that I can see - AA, KK, and AcKc. Based upon the 'read' that you supplied us, that he is a chronic slowplayer, you probably have to call. I know that I would with tha
  17. I think if you're going to play the river like the UTG player is bluffing you have to raise. Your hand so far looks like aces full, kings full or JJ or QQ. So if the UTG is bluffing its to get you to lay down the QQ or JJ. He could be "bluffing" with 77 - 1010, in which case he is accidentally value betting his hand if you just call. Its a risking, read dependent play, but I think you have to raise if you are not folding the hand.
  18. I agree with Naismith here. I think by checking he allows the villian to bluff into him with a range of hands that would be done on the turn. Its a scary way to play it but I don't think the hero is getting paid by any hands he beats by betting the turn. As played though you have to call the river.
  19. How should you deal with it? In theory you should be happy when your opponents put their money in bad. In reality it sucks, but still, just remember that donkey's like this are why we make money in poker. Yeah, they win sometimes, and it seems like they win more than their fair share, but if you really kept track, in the long run, the luck will even out. Just keep doing what you're doing. Try to not let it affect you. It happens to all of us!
  20. Don't have too much more to contribute, as much has been already said. But, I have a hard time putting Dan on a hand here because of the quick calls. Would he just call so quickly with a set? Wouldn't he want to put in a raise somewhere by this time? The only hands that make sense are nut flush draws, perhaps even AsKs played in a weird way. AA wouldn't make sense because you would expect a bet or raise somewhere. So I'm really lost as to what Dan has, but it seems like his mostly likely hand is a nut flush draw of sorts. Anyone else think differently?And, if that is his most likey hand
  21. Being against a short stack sucks. Its either a push or fold situation, but without a really good read my standard line is to just fold. Have you seen the villain min raise bluff on a dry board like this before?
  22. Limping with 1010-QQ UTG 6 max? I don't buy it.
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