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  1. Exactly. I check/folded. Didn't get to see what either had. Thanks.
  2. Full Tilt PokerNo Limit Holdem Ring gameBlinds: $0.15/$0.305 playersConverterStack sizes:UTG: $23.65CO: $30.20Button: $64.05SB: $65.35Hero: $107.65Pre-flop: (5 players) Hero is BB with UTG calls, CO raises to $1.35, 2 folds, Hero calls, UTG calls.Flop: ($4.2, 3 players)Hero bets $3.4, UTG calls, CO calls.Turn: ($14.4, 3 players)Hero check/folds?Pretty sure this is standard, but I just want to make sure no one else keeps the lead.
  3. Not sure if you guys saw this yet, but Chip Resse died last night. From pokernews.com: News FlashDavid 'Chip' Reese, 1951-2007Reports are quickly circulating about the sudden and untimely passing of poker legend David 'Chip' Reese overnight. Details are still emerging on Reese's shocking passing, and a complete obituary on one of poker's all-time greats will be published in the near future. Reese was a feared cash-game legend and a regular member of the 'Big Game' at the Bellagio, who focused less on tournaments than other players. Still, Reese demonstrated his poker mastery by winning the f
  4. I completely agree. At first when I saw the hand I was shocked, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that Doyle actually makes a really good fold there in that situation with the really deep stacks everyone has. Oh and I like Jamie Gold as a person though. I knew a guy like him once, very confident and outgoing to the point of seeming too much sometimes, but one of the nicest guys you'll meet if you get to know him. But if you just view him at a distance its easy to thing he's just an arrogant ass.
  5. I agree. I think the only reason Patrick can call is because he knows that Gold has a big hand and if he flops/turns big he can bust him. That's why Doyle laid down the 10 high flush to Golds 9 high flush. He read Gold as strong, and Gold indeed thought he was strong, and there weren't many flushes he could beat, so he made the correct fold against Gold's range IMO. It was pretty clear that Gold was out of his element in that game.
  6. I see your point but I felt like I had a good feel for this guy and how he played. I don't know that my ace is no good here. I know he has a hand, but I also know that his post flop play is very transparent, so I felt confident in my ability to outplay him after the flop. That's actually the point of the post. If I flop top pair with the nut flush draw against almost anyone else at the table I hellmuth my chips into the pot. But against this guy I know he's never playing the hand after the flop this way with a hand I beat at showdown unimproved. The problem with the hand was that my plan
  7. I agree, with the first part, which is why I played the hand in the first place. But I was OOP and felt it was more likely that I would run into a weaker ace if I didn't raise. Once the short stack raised, I was confident that I had her beat and if I wanted to get heads up with her I would have raise there. But at that point I wanted to play a big pot with the villain, because, as you said, he was the one with the money. If I reraise there then he folds everything I beat and calls with everything that crushes me.
  8. Ok, that's what I thought, the raise is pretty standard. I raised, he thought for five minutes freaking out about folding the hand and finally shoved with ak. I crushed his soul when I spiked the 3d on the river. Not sure what the short stack had. I'd rather be lucky than good.
  9. 1/2 nlhe @ the venetianStack SizesShort Stack - ~50Hero - ~400Villain - covers hero by $1The short stack in this hand is sort of a loose donk who is somewhat passive, but she doesn't seem to have a good idea of hand selection. I'm sure I'm ahead of her, or at least flipping at every point in the hand. The villain is somewhat tight, yet I wouldn't consider him solid. He's been at the table for a few hours, only played a few hands, and played them relatively bad and sometimes did some surprising things, none of which I can remember now. He seems to overvalue his one pair hands, but it has to
  10. I agree with this. I didn't play this hand, Daniel Negreanu did: http://www.cardplayer.com/magazine/article/16999.I read this yesterday and it was bugging me ever since. I just can't wrap my head around playing like this. I can understand preflop and even the flop. But I think the turn is a raise or fold. Seems like we're going to the river blind. But I don't really know what the correct thing would be in this scenario. What does everyone think? Does the fact that DN made the play change anything?
  11. Live 1/2 NL home game.Everyone has about 1k in front of them. Hero is in the BB with K K UTG limps, UTG +1 limps, MP raises to 4, CO raises to 16, Hero calls, UTG calls, UTG +1 calls, MP folds(Pot $69)Flop: 9 8 7 Hero checks, UTG checks, UTG +1 checks, CO bets 75, Hero calls, 2 folds(Pot $219)Turn: Q Hero checks, CO bets 200, Hero calls(Pot $619)River: K Hero bets 450, CO callsCO is solid tag with decent tournament results. Same with UTG. UTG +1 and MP are relatively new/bad players. What do you think of the line?
  12. I'm still torn with how I played the hand and perhaps its the results getting to me. I was surprised after the villain checked behind and tabled 2-3o. Now I know that my hand is ahead of his range overall, so I don't think I should have folded at any point. I agree that my bets should have been more though. I'm still not sure if I should have taken a more aggressive approach in the hand like Acid and others have suggested. Anyways, thanks for the thoughts.
  13. Yeah, I checked intending to call any bet (worst case is 200, giving me 3-1 on my call).
  14. Bay 101 live 2-3-5 blinds, 200 spread limit game. (200 max bet)The villain in this hand was like Jamie Gold in almost every sense. He looked like him (with some facial hair), talked like him, bet like him, everything. He also played a lot like him, except looser. This guy was a maniac. He played almost every hand in any position for almost any amount. Up to this point though he was on fire. In the first hour I had played he had won every pot that went to showdown and most of the others. It was scary how lucky he was getting. He was also capable of firing three barrel bluffs. Bets bot
  15. I agree with all of this. Anyways, the hero in the hand shoved (horrible IMO) and the villain instacalled with 10 6 . Obviously a cooler, but I thought it was an interesting spot for the hero. He definitely should have bet the flop, which would have folded the villain. On the river I'm torn between raising and flat calling. I really don't think that the villain, unless he read the hero for a bluff would ever call the river raise by hero w/o the 10s, in which case he isn't calling, he's raising. So it seems like a zero play to raise the river. But I just can't wrap my head around just c
  16. This situation came up in a home game I was playing at recently and I thought it was very interesting. I wasn't in the hand, so I don't necessarily agree with all the plays made in the hand, but the river brings a very interesting situation. The hero in this hand is a somewhat LAG player, but overall solid. Not sure if he's a winning player overall, but he definitely could be. The villain is a solid player who is mostly TAG but mixes it up from time to time. Both players are capable of bluffs, however, on this board it is rare to find either one of them bluffing for a large amount of mone
  17. So what? You don't want to get paid off by 23s. You want to get paid off by three 10s or AK or some idiot who slowplayed AA. You shouldn't be concerned about winning an extra few bucks from crap hands, you should think about how to get all the chips in the center and that won't happen with those crap hands anyways. Its unlikely that you're going to get paid unless he's either a donkey or he's got one of the hands I mentioned before, so why not set it up so you get paid off in those situations?
  18. Would you bet if you raised with 78s on that flop? What about AK? What about AQ? If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to bet the flop.
  19. Also, just because HE has a big stack he isn't correct to call and chase with ATC because YOU don't have a big stack. Unless you and your opponent are both deep (i.e implied odds) then the whole idea of "big stack" is irrelevant really. Its more of a tournament strategy than anything else. People are so afraid of big stacks who are loose. I don't get it. I love it. Just some minor strategy adjustments and they become my ATM.
  20. 1) It depends on the villain. You mentioned that he's loose, but if he's LAG I would probably shove against a check raise. If he's more passive though then, depending on the size of the raise you may want to slow down and perhaps think about letting it go. 2) Call.
  21. Preflop is fine. Flop is fine. You really need to bet the turn. Too many draws and there's no reason to be scared of the 6. As played, call the river.
  22. I've seen this live as well. Basically the villain isn't thinking of their raise in relation to the pot size but in relation to the size of your bet. Say you bet 10 into a 100 pot, to an idiot they might think that a pot sized raise is too huge, so they raise something like 30. Its rare to find someone this stupid in a live format, but it happens.
  23. Pretty standard. If you're against a calling station and you have the nuts then absolutely cannot slowplay unless you are 100% sure they will not call you now, but may call you later. You have no reason to believe that at this point, so you have to call the flop and then raise the turn, just like you did. It just sucks that this was one of the times he didn't have anything. It happens.
  24. This is absolutely true. You need to decide on the flop what kind of hands you want to pay you off. Ideally you want the LAG to have a 5 so you can get his stack (if he's the type that would pay you off like that). Give him a chance to get the money in with a 5. If you check the flop and then raise the small turn bet you give him a chance to realize that you're slowplaying a big hand and he might go into check call mode with his three 5s (unless he's an idiot, in which case it probably doesn't matter what you do, the money's going in). How would you play the hand if you just had ak? That
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