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  1. When I think about this hand this is where I'm not sure if posting this has any relevence. If I re-raise and he just smooth calls I'm for sure getting it all-in if the flop is Queen low....If I shove and he calls the same thing, and if I re-raise and he shoves I'm obviously calling. So I guess at this point I can't be results oriented since the only way my decision changes is I see a flop without getting it all-in pre-flop and then get it all in if no Ace is on the board.Since we are both deep stacked at this table I wonder if there is any relevance to the betting/pot control.
  2. Okay so what's your play on a guy that limps in early then just smooth calls an all-in from another player with me yet to act?Put in a 3rd re-raise or shove??Full Tilt Poker, $0.25/$0.50 NL Hold'em Cash Game, 8 PlayersLeggoPoker.com - Hand History ConverterMP2: $50CO: $8.05BTN: $117.95SB: $50BB: $10UTG: $84.80Hero (UTG+1): $96.15MP1: $30Pre-Flop: K:spade: K:diamond: dealt to Hero (UTG+1)UTG calls $0.50, Hero raises to $2.25, 2 folds, CO raises to $8.05 and is All-In, 3 folds, UTG calls $7.55,
  3. I was going to bet the turn, but my kicker sort of sucked so I elected not to and keep it small since I was in position and I wasn't sure what two cards he could have since it was a blind battle...probably why there wasn't enough information for me to feel good about having to decide whether to lay this down or not.
  4. I shut down as well here only because I didn't want to put him all-in. I wasn't sure if I was ahead or behind at this point. I elected to call. A king came on the turn and he ended up checking so I was able to get a free showdown. I just wasn't sure based on how much he had left if you call the turn to call any bet on the river or to just shove.
  5. No reads, No stats.... Straight or set beats me here folksYour move here??This is a full ring game although there was only 6 players for a short time.Full Tilt Poker, $0.25/$0.50 NL Hold'em Cash Game, 6 PlayersLeggoPoker.com - Hand History ConverterHero (BB): $57.10UTG: $60.35MP: $7.25CO: $12BTN: $48.30SB: $24.50Pre-Flop: 8:spade: J:heart: dealt to Hero (BB)4 folds, SB calls $0.25, Hero checksFlop: ($1) 2:club: J:diamond: 7:diamond: (2 Players)SB checks, Hero bets $0.55, SB calls $0.55Turn: ($2.10) 3:club: (2 Players)SB checks, Hero checksRiver: ($2.10) 8:heart: (2 Players)SB bets $2, Hero ra
  6. That's what had me a little lost on what to do. If I raise I have to put him all-in but I didn't really want to play this pot real big since I wasn't sure what the hell he was doing. If I call I think I have to call any river bet here
  7. villian stats = VP 33, PR 6, TAPp 1 but only through like 33 handsWhat do you do here on the turn. The line on the flop was to try to have a little bit of pot control that's why my bet was about .75 with multiple callers on this raise just to save some bb especially oopFull Tilt Poker, $0.25/$0.50 NL Hold'em Cash Game, 8 PlayersLeggoPoker.com - Hand History ConverterCO: $11.05BTN: $46.70SB: $129.10BB: $40.60UTG: $147.75Hero (UTG+1): $70.55MP1: $44.75MP2: $52.90Pre-Flop: Q:club: Q:diamond: dealt to Hero (UTG+1)UTG folds, Hero raises to $1.75, MP1 calls $1.75, 2 folds, BTN calls $1.75, SB fold
  8. I agree with you...I'm just stubborn and wanted to conquer 6 tables which is where I'd probably stop at anyways. I just wanted to see what others do differently when adding more tables. Your answer is the most logical and common sense approach. If it ain't broke why fix it.
  9. Sheiky...I play full-ring games...sorry if I confused. When I said 6 i mean 6 different tables
  10. Hello everyone,I could use your input good/bad ect for multi-tabling 6. I was doing 4 and move up to 6 the past 2 months and have been taking a beating. I've been missing a ton of value bets because I've lost reads and my bb per 100 has been atrocious. My losing sessions tend to be more than my winning sessions. I'm getting stacked a lot more too and that's probably more my fault then anything. Last month through 24k hands I made 2 buy-ins. The month before I was around 15k hands and up one buy-in. Granted this pool of 6 tabling hands probably doesn't provide enough information to make a valid
  11. Well I know if he's a deeper I can check behind in pos and call a river bet. With only 14 behind him and 14 in the pot already I'd pretty much have to call anything even if I do check behind here on the turn
  12. Unlucky here or should I have just start dumping these pre-flop...guy was short stacked so would have played a differently on the turn if he was deeper. I usually don't call raises unless i know there range can be wide and I am in position but will raise in late pos with it if folded to or there are limpers. I don't run into these situations too often but they hurt when you doFull Tilt Poker, $0.25/$0.50 NL Hold'em Cash Game, 9 PlayersLeggoPoker.com - Hand History ConverterUTG: $12.70Hero (UTG+1): $58.50UTG+2: $75MP1: $26.10MP2: $17CO: $102.65BTN: $47.25SB: $21.65BB: $64.05Pre-Flop: Q:club: A:
  13. To be honest...I don't re-call going to a showdown on a situation like this where someone over-bet the pot like that with a set...Typically what I see is that the set bets out the pot and the draw raises and they get it all-in on the flop. I've been on both sides of this equation, but have never gone to a showdown where I saw a set 4x bet on the flop with villian showing a set
  14. Well I wasn't waiting for the four flush to hit actually. It would have just been a bonus to hit and take down a pot if it did come on the turn...Nevertheless I shoved all-in.I just wanted to see what the norm is here...The results are irrelevant.Out of curiosity would anybody just call and re-evaluate on the turn here?
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