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  1. One of the callers is pretty solid. he would have led out if he had any piece of the flop. His check meant that he had nothing. The second caller is pretty LAG. he'll basically play any two cards hoping to catch a piece of the flop. He could well have a 5 and check it to me hoping that I had an A. However, it didn't seem as though they caught a piece, so I checked the flopped behind. $20 preflop is really not that big of a raise with these stack sizes and I could have been raising in position with KQ or something like that.So I checked the flop behind them and the turn brought a 7h putting a f
  2. This is a 1/2 NL game and the stacks are pretty deep. I have about $800 and i raise it to $20 preflop with As Ac. I get two callers.The flop comes down 5s Ad 5hBoth callers check to me. How do I extract maximum value from this pot without scaring anybody off?
  3. As far as physical tells, the villain here is pretty solid. I couldn't pick up anything that would have given him away. However, the way he played the hand screamed 4. I pretty much know that I can't fold this here, but is there any point in this hand where I played it wrong?
  4. That's what I thought at first. But then I got to thinking about the Villain and his style of play. He would never had slow played a higher pocket pair. He would have raised my turn bet 100% of the time. And when I bet out on the river, if he had, say 88 or 99, he would have just called. This is exactly how he would have played a 4. He would have called the flop to raise the turn. When the thrid 4 hit, he's definitely just calling to shove the river. $15 preflop is not a very high bet at this table. It's pretty standard. So the thought runs through my mind... Maybe A4? That's the only hand I c
  5. This was a pretty loose 2/5 NL game. 8 People and I'm the big blind. The Villian here is on the button and is pretty TAG but has been catching some bad beats and is on semi-tilt.Villian raises the preflop to $15 and I call with pocket 6's. 2 others call. Flop comes down 4s 4c 2d. I take a stab at the pot and bets $30. One guy calls and the villain calls. Turn 4h. I bet $100. One player folds and the Villain calls. Now I'm scared. I'm thinking he has a higher pocket pair, but why wouldn't he have raised me on the flop?River 6cI was ready to check the river until that 6 hit. So I bet out $200. A
  6. this hand was just so sick. This is a live game (6-handed) 1/2 NL. The game is pretty loose. I'm in the SB in this hand.Stack sizesSB - $680UTG - $1200CO - $450I look down to see JJ. UTG raises it to $20CO calls, SB calls (I hate jacks OOP)Flop - T J K rainbowSB bets $60, UTG raises to $150, CO moves all in, SB pushes all in, UTG callsUTG - AKo , CO - JToTurn - ARiver - KShould I have folded the flop with this? How do you fold a set here?
  7. This guy was playing loose all night and raising it up with hands like 34o 46s all night. I hadn't been playing much and felt that I could force him off a hand with the right flop. I bet out on the flop hoping he would fold right there. When he called, I put him on middle pair or bottom pair. The turn paired my 9 but obviously I didn't want to bet. His bet on the turn was not strong, so I ruled out 89 or any other two pair. He isn't the type to slow play a straight so he would have bet stronger. I really felt that he bet trying to get me off whatever he thought I had. The river gave me trips a
  8. 1/2 NL Live GameThe game is short handed (4 people) and very loose. The BB is the chip leader. He's LAG and known to raise it up with any two cards. Hero has a very tight table image and is considered TAG, but decided to mix it up this hand.Stack sizes:BB: $300Hero (SB): $115Pre-flop: (4 players) Hero is SB with 7c 9c UTG folds, Button folds, Hero calls, BB raises to $6, Hero callsFlop: Jd 8h 3c ($12, 2 players)Hero bets $10, BB calls.Turn: 9s ($32, 2 players)Hero checks, Button bets $15, Hero calls.River: 9d ($62, 2 players)Hero ????This was tough. BB does not slowplay and would have bet s
  9. Sorry, I guess I wasn't making myself clear. What I was asking was, considering the situation and my read, is it smart to lay this down? BTW....I called his all in, he turned over AJd. The turn was the 4d and the river (just to rub it in) was the 8d.
  10. $15 in this game is a standard raise. This player is by no means a LAG but is known to raise it up with suited Aces. On the other hand, he's more likely to slow play AA or KK, which is why I didn't put him on those hands. I usually call a raise like this in position with decent suited cards (i.e. Q10, J10, etc)If he had AA or KK, I'm sure he would have flat called my raise and not pushed all in. I was almost positive he had AJd or AQd. But considering this, can you fold here?
  11. I had a situation in a 1/2 NL game yesterday in which I had Qc 10c on the button. There was a $15 preflop raise and I called. The flop came down 10d Qs 4d, giving me top 2. The player who raised bet out $25. I raised it to $50 and he pushed all in for $200. I'm putting him on the nut flush draw. What do you do in these situations? You know you have him beat, but he has so many outs here.
  12. 1/2NLVillain is on major tilt and down about $500 on the night. He has just rebought for $400Hero ($800)Villain ($400)Hero is buttonVillain is cutoffSB, BB postfolds to Villian who raises to $30 (not a large raise in this game at this point)Hero has KsKhHero re-raises to $60SB foldsBB foldsVillian calls2-way flop ($123)2d 6s QhVillain bets $50Hero raises to $150Villain calls2-way Turn ($423)2d 6s Qh [9d]Villain pushes all in for $190Hero ??The Villian is LAG and steaming. He'll play any two cards in any position. There's no way to tell what he has here. He could be pushing with 2 6 offsuit for
  13. A $20 raise is pretty standard in this game. Plus I had position. I will frequently call a moderate raise PF with suited connectors. I honestly thought he would fold on the turn. I only raised to get him out of the hand. When he called, I was surprised. When he pushed on the river, the only thing going through my mind was "Flush." And it was actually a little bit more than $110, more like $150-$160.Should I have bet stronger on the flop?
  14. Here's a hand that I want some feedback on. How would you have played this?Relevant Stacks: Hero: 800Villian: 550UTG: 200Reads/Image: Hero has a TAG image and generally only shows down big hands. Villian is LAG and on tilt from a previous bad beat.Blinds: 1-2Hero is button with 8c 9c UTG: Raises to 20UTG +2 (Villian): callsHero: callsPot = $63Flop: 5s 6d 7s UTG: checksVillian: Bets 20Hero: Raises to 60UTG: callsVillian: callsPot = $243Turn: 4dUTG: Pushes all in for $120Villian: CallsHero: Raises to $360Villian: CallsRiver: 2dVillian: Pushes all inHero???This was such a sick hand. This
  15. Here's a hand that I played last night. Want to know if I made the right move here. It's a 1/2 NL game. The game is fairly loose and the BB in this game is coming off a major bad beat in which he lost most of his stack (he was the chip leader but is now the short stack).Hero ($450)SB ($750)BB ($200)Preflop: Hero is Button with Ah, Qh Hero raises to $20, SB calls, BB callsFlop: ($61) As, 4s, 4d (3 players)SB bets $15, BB calls, Hero raises to $45, SB folds, BB callsTurn: ($166) Qc (2 players)BB pushes all in for $135, Hero ?I don't put him on a 4 here. He wouldn't have called a $20 PF raise wit
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