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  1. i originally clicked call but then I realized it was a rebuy.....shove, shove, shove
  2. I kinda feel like if you are gonna play this hand you either need to 3bet the flop or fold. as played check for the free card and hope MP2 is on the club draw that he is representing.
  3. So by the OP's logic if you call a raise in Late Position with a J10 of spades and you flop a J10 against he original raiser's A10...it's a bad beat? I've been playing this game all wrong.
  4. I know this isn't a win but I did pick June 3rd for Hilary because I had a feeling she would refuse to quit no matter what and Obama would win by default. Whoo hoo!.
  5. We run a change pot at the end of the night. If you cash out for 14.85 .85 goes into the change pot. It usually evens out to 2 - 3 dollars and we deal everyone (that put money in) face up. Best hand wins the extra moola. I have tried for months to kick it up to a .10-.20 or a .25-.25 game but a lot of the guys that play in it are too scared to play that high....(i know...).
  6. So I have a .5-.10 live game every Tuesday Night which has a pretty much standard .20 straddle every hand.So here we go. Villain 1 has 3 bucks left in UTG+1Villain 2 has about 30 dollars in Cut Off. Hero has around 17ish. Hero is in the straddle with 10 10. UTG+1 immediately shoves and the read here is he has been getting pretty beat up all night and he is in that desperation shove mode. hand range is Any Ax and any and I do mean any pair. KQ-KJ is possible here to. Co flat calls the 3 dollars. He is very reasonable but tends to be on the looser side in this games considering how low th
  7. This happened to me once with QQ. I raised preflop with about 100 behind and some guy called in late. Flop came 10 9 3 rainbowed and he shoved into me. I called (even though it took me a minute cause I was spooked and he showed a 10 8.
  8. i played a hand like this last night where I was the villain and I just called with KK with 1 person left to try and encourage action. If that helps you out any....
  9. Yah I don't know if I am folding here. I don't think he is limp calling with AQ/AK. A8 is a possibility or a set of 88's but I feel like both those hands check raise here. His bet seems like a desperate A10, A9 or lower pocket pair and hoping you missed....when you called the flop he thought he had no other choice to try and blow you off the hand. v
  10. thanks I just needed reassuring. to answer some questions: 1. we had been talking for about two hours or so while playing so it's the only reason why I tried to justify my play2 usually make it 3.50-4.25 but noticed that shortie only had 4.75 left so I figured I would just make it his stack since I am calling the 1 more anyway all the time. Thanks again
  11. Full Tilt Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $0.25 BB (9 handed) Hand History converter Courtesy of PokerZion.comsaw flop|saw showdownMP2 ($5)MP3 (villain 1) ($4.65)CO ($9.30)Button (villain 2) ($25)SB ($12.80)Hero ($21.45)UTG ($42.45)UTG+1 ($17.10)MP1 ($30.30)Preflop: Hero is BB with Q[], Q[]. 4 folds, MP3 (villain 1) calls $0.25, 1 fold, Button (villain 2) raises to $1.1, 1 fold, Hero raises to $5, MP3 (villain 1) calls $4.40 (All-In), Button (villain 2) folds.Flop: ($10.85) 6[], 3[], J[] (2 players, 1 all-in)Turn: ($10.85) 9[] (2 players, 1 all-in)River: ($10.85) 4[] (2 players, 1 all-in).Final Pot
  12. i blew about half my bankroll in one night all off of outdraws where I got it all in good. The reason it was half of my bankroll is because I was playing too high. That's when I realized you can play the best you possibly can and still lose...which is why you need the bankroll to be able to absorb those losses.
  13. or a check-raise move which, from the read, this guy is capable of. Either way you allow him to play perfectly against you because it puts you in the exact situation you are in right now.
  14. raise enough on the turn that makes him decide to whether or not to put his money in there. hand plays a lot easier.
  15. is anyone worried about the donkey having a flush draw too and taking away outs/taking away your win with a flush? Just curious.
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