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  1. yeah i didn't really have to ask. just trying to give the benefit of the doubt. i was actually the one in the big blind and should have lost 5k on the hand, so i'm glad the other guy realized what was going on. i did feel like it was that scene in rounders, pretty crazy. thanks to everyone for the input!
  2. last night was my usual 5/10 homegame which is usually a great game, very juicy. i sat down around midnight and worked 2000 into about which i was pleased about... when this happened.a new dealer sits down and deals about a round or so. the host of the game requested a deck change so the dealer brought a new deck out and dealt this hand...utg: fold, cards unknownhost: raises to 30, small side of a normal raise for this gamemp: callsbutton: callsbb: callsflop AhKd10cbb: checkhost: 50mp "he didn't cut the cards, this hand is a set up!!!" folds AK face up button: calls, BB callsturn 7h, checks ar
  3. yeah all you're really worried about is JQ making a straight... when you call it will be on him to try to push you off again on the turn, so let him. a reraise here prevents him from hanging himself further if he is bluffing
  4. i think he has 56 and the donk bet was a semi bluff to see if you'd hit anything. you said you'd been folding to his donk bets... if i was him i'd definitely put a feeler out if i flopped a draw on that innocuous looking flop. he hit on the turn and bet a foolish amount, you raised and he should have reraised but as you said he check called with sets earlier, he'd do it with a straight as well. villain checking the river also makes sense b/c he probably thought the ace could have helped your hand. he had the nuts... the ace on the river saved you some money
  5. with the money in the pot you only have to be right half the time... you don't think he could be bluffing a busted draw or overplaying top pair at least half the time at a 1/2 game? i do
  6. you're getting 2/1... call. i think thats a pretty odd way to play a set or 2pr so they are not that likely imo. my initial read on a faceless 1/2 donk would be a busted draw, though qjd would certainly be your nitemare hand to face. since you're posting this i'd imagine he has some sort of bs like k10 or qj... but i don't think you can fold after putting all that money in getting 2/1... t oo many hands you can beat.phil
  7. i also say push. you've put in 20% of your stack and you're short, he's probably calling but what do you put him on here? he limped utg... do you think he has aa or kk and was looking to reraise pf? aq? or a set? in your situation i don't think it matters much... but if he was a solid player who you put on a very strong hand like a set you might have to let it go. but he's a donk, might as well shove it in
  8. Thanks guys!I agree with everything said so far, all good points. i ended up folding the hand to the river bet and the villain showed me KK. the river bet really did seem like a value bet and the way the hand played out i don't think calling was a good option even though i really didn't think he held an ace. my logic was if he didn't hold an ace it was either kk, jj, or 1010, so the 10 on the river helped me fold. as mentioned, i did label this villain as straightforward and solid... so maybe i shouldn't have been thinking about this as deeply as i have been. thanks everybody for the input, i
  9. I had a bad run last week as well. I play in AC and my last 5 trips i've logged wins at 1/2 or 2/5 (pretty comparable game i think). I think playing at these low stakes as we do the fluctuations can actually be worse because play is more card dependent. as you said with a capped buy in game like we're playing there's only so much manuevering you can do, a pf raise plus flop bet eats up a good portion of your stack. That said i TRY not to bluff much at these games, i always end up going against my own advice which costs me money... but i think bluffing at this level is a bad idea, there are pl
  10. Hey everybody,I took another trip up to AC last week and had a familiar situation come up at a 1/2 nl game at the borgata. i played the hand as well as i know how to, just want to get some feedback to see if others would play it differently.8 handed 1/2 nlvillain raises to $20 in EPi look down in mp at QQ and decide to flat call. $20 was on the high end of a normal sized raise at this table so i didn't expect a caller behind me. the player directly to my left was LP and called. we head to the flop 3 handed...i consider the original raiser to be a solid, relatively straightforward player. imo h
  11. Have you ever read Harrington's books? I forget which one it's in and i realize this is a cash game... but he is talking about how players come up to him and tell him a story when they just knew they were beat so they lay down bottom or middle set on a board like yours... Harrington says he listens and nods approvingly but as the player walks away he thinks "idiot" i'm not saying you are i just recalled that funny passage. i think we've all been there... my last trip to borgata i made several bad folds to the same player after i knew he was super aggro and i should be calling his raises more l
  12. i missed the turn info when i posted my first response...hand one there are two mistakes in my opinion. first is minraising the flop, make it 120 or so to try to get any draws that checked in ep to go away, and the original bettor to call with a worse queen. after villain checks the turn i think you have to check behind. the ace is a scary card for you, even though i don't think villain has AQ. You picked up a draw to the nut flush, take your free card and hope to get a big payday if you get there. You mentioned after the check raise on the turn you put him on a set of 3s, if you checked behin
  13. i wasn't trying to brag Jay. I've learned a lot from a few of the responses. the concept of not throwing "pearls before swine" in a 2/5 game made a lot of sense... really no point to try to fool those people who will pay you everytime anyway. I routinely make the mistake of labeling a player as bad, and then expecting them to understand what i'm representing. based on the responses i've gotten, it seems to be a major leak in my game and i'm going to work to correct it, especially playing such low stakes. You bring up a very good point that knowing what my opponents have is not enough if i can'
  14. hand one is about feel... playing at the borgata last week i made the mistake of folding too often so i may be a little biased with your QQ. I had a very similar hand in which teh LAG player put in the third raise pf with JJ and i folded my qq pf. i think there is a very good chance she sees your position raise as a couple of big cards trying to pick up the blinds. so there is AA and KK you can't beat, and JJ 1010 99 88 77 66 55 AK AQ you can beat. against this range there are a lot of hands you can beat... i'd go for ithand 2... i think i would have raised more on the flop to make sure 2 hear
  15. at that kind of game i think you're getting called by any hand top pair or better. if its A10 your ace is no longer an out, if it's 8 10 or J10 your straight possibility is diminished... the problem is stacks are so short. if you think he's gonna fold half the time or more i like the push. it's a gamble but it definitely puts the pressure on and even if you do get called you've got quite a few outs against his likely holdings. i realize you just got to the table and can't be more specific about villain's tendencies... but knowing that kind of game all too well i think you could probably get a
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