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  1. Will you be putting out the WSOP tournies you intend to enter?
  2. If I recall correctly from the book, she didnt believe/trust him and wanted to test him on someone "easy".
  3. Daniel, thanks for this. This link is to HSP Season 4 Episode 6. The hand between Gold and Elezra, at minute 5:00, you and Jen confer at the end that there was something that was a dead give away. Can you divulge what that was?
  4. Food, Inc. - Im a skeptic and I liked it. Eye opening stuff. But then I was never worried that Id go veggie from watching this. One Flew Over The Cukoo's Nest - Had to rewatch this oldie but goodie. Jack is a master. The best part is, Im not totally convinced that he's not just being himself.
  5. Federal indictment?Is this show picked up for a 3rd season?
  6. Yeah, nice little boobies in Trainspotting. Pretty sure I pulled it when I was 16.Not much a stretch but I think this season is going to end really badly for Jimmy, cliffhanger stile till next season. Too many things stacking up against him: Manny, dead wife, heroin, Nucky coming back with the vengeance, etc.
  7. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/199/poke...ehem-pa-800114/
  8. Back to 1911 for George to crack the top 5!
  9. Daniel (as if), you should host a tourney with your own rules.
  10. Just Go With ItOld school Sandler ridiculousness, pretty funny, Nick Swardsen is hysterical. And OMFG Brooklyn Decker!!!!! (Aniston is very hot in her own right in this film as well.)
  11. I LOVE listening to 1-2 players discuss strat. Music to my ears. Its a constant reminder of how badly they misunderstand the game. Sometimes I even like to get involved and just say things that are completely wrong. It can be fun.
  12. I really didnt mean it in a shitty way, I just understand the enthusiasm and then to come up empty handed is unfortunate.
  13. Year - # of Events2000 - 252001 - 272002 - 352003 - 362004 - 332005 - 452006 - 452007 - 522008 - 552009 - 572010 - 572011 - 58
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