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  1. saw this thread on 2p2.people buy dumb things. snuggie, anyone?
  2. are u still a neuroscience researcher?Just asking because i am as well, and didnt think it was possible to find another one on a almost dead poker forum.where do you conduct ur research?
  3. dont play on pokerstars. whats this high, medium and low stuff? why are there two h/m/l?
  4. this really really delivers.OP for president?
  5. gears of war 2ghostlove gamertag
  6. as played i think you have to fold. flush draws, straight draws, you are not that big a favorite if you are ahead at all.
  7. yeah im having problems. cant win a hand.
  8. good catch. a hand this good needs two threads.
  9. i disagree with everyone. this is a standard fold.
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