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  1. Once again, I see patterns, not in random numbers (cards), but in the rigged system used by pokerstars. My point is that it is not, in fact, random.
  2. What we need in the online poker community is a site that will use and employ real dealers who, using a form of video imaging, can be seen to shuffle and deal the cards. The hole cards for each player can be read and transmitted to them. Betting would be standard online style with the dealer prompted to take his actions when required. This way we get to see the dealer and still play from the comfort and privacy of our homes knowing some rigged generator isn't ruining our fun. Online cash players should band together and demand this service as a way to further insure honest gambling ( haha)
  3. My point was they have rigged the generator to benefit from cash tables, but it is still rigged and I do not believe they have multiple generators for various types of the same basic game. Are you saying that they have one for cash games and then another "tricked" one for play chip games? I have a talent for seeing patterns in numerical situations and am just noting what I have experienced. My only wish is for a site that uses a true random card generator, maybe one that has no real money aspect, although funding might be a problem haha.
  4. It seems to me to be rather obvious that the card generators for the online sites are set up to increase house rakes by increasing the betting for cash tables. I base this observation on the increased rates of types of flops, i.e. 300-500% rates for flops that are suited, flops containing an Ace and King, and flops with pairs. it can also be easily noted that a very high percentage of communities have a flush draw and a straight draw in addition to a pair. I have also noted the high percentage of hands hitting on the board, even when the "hit" is a 1-2 outter. Another way i have noticed t
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