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  1. Buck, I do understand your point! Although, you will have to give me the benefit of the doubt, trust me when I state there were things that occurred that made it quite easy for our decision to change so drastically and quickly. Yes, we could have made the announcement last week, but we felt it would be best to speak to Chris in person rather then via the phone or email. Despite what occurred, Chris was a valued member of our staff and he did really great work for Bluff. A face to face meeting was the only proper way (IMO) to move past this.
  2. FCP Members,I made a post on the Bluff and P5 forums and thought it was only fair to provide FCP with the same respect as the other two. Therefore, below you will see my response as to why our former employee was let go!I appreciate your time given to read the below response. ______________________________________________This will be my one and only post addressing the subject of CV being fired. First, this was one of the most difficult decisions we have ever had to make. I can also assure everyone that despite being urged to terminate Chris by the various forums, this was not why we came
  3. I am more then happy to send preview copies out for you to take a look at. Just email me at eric@bluffmedia.com and I will add you to the sub list for 1 issue. The cost to subscribe from CA is $19.99. We also run on a 60/40 split....60% editorial and 40% advertising. Regarding the Zim issue, we have nothing to do with this. Absolute is also a adverting client of our, no more, no less!If anyone ever has any problems with Bluff, please email me and I will help resolve all issues.
  4. I appreciate the good words regarding our CS. Shane if you have not received your sub, please email me at eric@bluffmedia.com and I will send you back issues and make sure your sub begins w/ the Dec issue.
  5. We have everyone's info regarding subscriptions. The WSOP site is not set up to send an automated response. Please let me knwo if you do not receive your refund and I will personally get involved.
  6. Shane can you please check your credit card and see if it has been charged multiple times? if so, we will send you a refund w/o a problem.If anyone else is having problems, please use the following link as this may help!http://www.worldseriesofpoker.com/mediacen...rchivevideo.aspWhen you select any of the videos, it'll prompt you for email address and password. Use the credentials that you provided when originally registering.
  7. Pot Odds, I appreciate the good words. Thank you!
  8. Stak, I sent you a response. Waiting for your reply!
  9. Foxwood, I am sorry you think this is spamming as my intention is not to get rich off of the FCP forum. Many of Daniels fans would not jave known about the broadcast if I had not posted. Please also note that this is not a revenue making opportunity for us. we are making enough to cover our costs. I am not sure if you are aware, but Bandwith is very expensive, so please keep this in mind. The Mouth always has something to complain about, but in reality, more people can now watch the final table then ever before. Phil Helmuth and Howard Lederer both think the broadcast is great for poker
  10. Stak, Web Browser settings should allow cookies and connection to the secure sites. if this does not work, please email me.
  11. Stack,please email me at eric@bluffmedia.com and I will try to help you out.
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