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  1. Obama got I believe 44% of the total white vote. This election does not prove or disprove that we are a racist nation. Definetely less racist than in the past but not free and clear and we never will be. Yeah I wonder why, just think if your were part of a group that made up 14% of the population of a country, just 143 years ago people that looked like you were still slaves. And you had a chance to vote for someone that looks like you that actually had a chance to win. Yeah you don't seem racist at all.
  2. This is incredibly racist/predjudiced. Who are you Bill O'Reilly?Aren't you a big religious guy? Some of the stuff you spew is so mean spirited and nasty it just reminds me of all the fakes that go to church and act righteous. Copernicus and you have to be two of the most miserable people in the world, (judging from your posts). You both should go back two weeks after your posts and read them, I think you would be embarrassed over most of them, I know your mothers would be at least.
  3. I agree, that is why I said they are too far along.
  4. If she looks more foolish than she already has then she will bow out. They can't keep the charade up. But, I think she will do well enough (lets be honest the expectations are low for her) then everyone will be like wow she really impressed me. Maybe they are pulling the old rope-a-dope with her, and she comes off like some genuis. IMO she should just bow out, she has plenty of reasons/excuses. I think they are too far along though now.
  5. Why are you harping on this. I am confused are you trying to imply that Obama downplays his whiteness? Are you implying that blacks should not take credit for Obama? I would guess that the majority of people consider him black. Its not like he is trying to hide his history he wrote a book on it. And for a lot of people who are deciding whether they can/want to vote for a black guy it does not matter if he was born to one black parent or two, he is black.
  6. Weeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!11st for 927.46 sending $464.00, thx for stake. And everyone on rail thx for watching!
  7. 3/7---- 2054 players down 6 to go, lol.
  8. TheSwindel: posts small blind 1500obizee: posts big blind 3000*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to obizee [Ah Ac]izmaddict said, "nh"CubsMoney: raises 6000 to 9000Lord Santo: folds longduck don: folds izmaddict: folds Newtons1st: folds sixxhigh: folds CueCas25: folds TheSwindel: folds obizee: raises 9000 to 18000CubsMoney: calls 9000*** FLOP *** [5h Jh Ks]obizee: bets 46020 and is all-inCubsMoney: calls 46020obizee said, "nh"*** TURN *** [5h Jh Ks] [Ad]*** RIVER *** [5h Jh Ks Ad] [As]*** SHOW DOWN ***obizee: shows [Ah Ac] (four of a kind, Aces)CubsMoney: shows [Th Qh] (a straight, Ten to Ace)obizee said
  9. almost 18k, not good bb about to be 1200 after break
  10. I am just hanging in with 1105, have won only one pot and it was blind vs blind
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