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  1. Thanks alot, now I can just watch the Twins/Tigers game since I already know the outcome of the tournament.
  2. Their first team offense looked like crap on Monday night.
  3. Tatum Bell will be the starter when the regular season starts.
  4. magnus72


    Last July I got left at the casino and had to wait for the only dealer left on shift to get off work at 4 am to give me a ride to my buddies house. That one sucked a lot worse because the game was pretty much over an hour after my buddy left me there so I had to wait around for like three hours.
  5. magnus72


    Yup. Actually they try to pull me away from the table when I am drunk but its damn near impossible. Even more so at blackjack. They actually left me at the casino in June, I had to call some girls from a town a half an hour away and get them to pick me up at 3 and call in to work the next day.
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    The only time I drink coffee is after the bar closes at the casino and I have to sober up before I make the long drive home. A couple nights hae happened where I sober up and start playing differently, and better, and end up sitting there playing til the game shuts down because I am playing so much better then earlier in the night.This should be a huge hint to me to not drink when I play, but how are you going to sit at a casino and not get drunk on a Friday night??
  7. "If I am going to win this tournament I have to draw out."Then he goes ahead and makes the call anyways.
  8. Just do what I do with everything, keep it all bottled up until you get drunk then bring up the situation. Works great. Make sure that they are good and drunk too. Hopefully you will be able to remember your conversation in the morning. Actually that has happened to me a lot lately, to many tequilas and you can't remember what the hell point you were trying to drive across the night before.
  9. You shouldn't have to be embarrassed about any thread that has to do with alcohol.
  10. I found about it yesterday reading the drunk thread from RoyalTour's birthday.
  11. Same thing happened to me with T8 of diamonds. Another guy in the hand flopped an ace high flush.
  12. I like the idea of moving here before the flop. He could have a variety of hands that would probably be layed down if you push. If you push before the flop and get called with pocket Aces Kings or Queens, chances are you were going broke if the flop come out non A/K anyways. By pushing before the flop you get rid out of the hands that he might have that could outdraw you on the flop. ex: KQ, KJ, A10, 99-77.
  13. Happy Birthday Beaver.
  14. I heard the hoover dam tour was pretty exciting.
  15. The only reason they added the Chase for the last ten races is because nobody is watching those last ten races otherwise. Its a long season, and when football season starts their ratings go way down.
  16. Sorry about that Donkslayer, didnt see that one, wont happen again.
  17. Lance Bass reveals he is gay and has been for a while.Everyone had to see this one coming.http://tv.msn.com/tv/article.aspx?news=228739&GT1=7703
  18. Yea, unless she has a couch in her bedroom. Then its ok to talk about the furniture that accents her bedroom.
  19. Phil Helmuth winning the main event would be a disaster. The person with the biggest ego in the world winning the WSOP against thousands of other players, we would never hear the end of it.Edit: WSOP Main Event
  20. I woke up at 4 this morning and that newer movie Underclassmen was on, with Nick Cannon. I couldn't go back to bed until it was over at 6:15.
  21. I never like to show my hand. I always like to keep them guessing. The less information people have the better.
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