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  1. I love Walker, I've never seen a hurricane pummel anybody in a fight and he's done it about 3 times this season.Belanger for Vasicek? EB must've asked for a trade. I just don't get why you look to dump the "Czech Condor" in the offseason, and then trade away one of two guys who is damn near automic in the faceoff circle. Sure he wasn't getting many points, but I don't think Vasicek will be any more productive. And he's slow.
  2. I know where I'm vacationing, now.
  3. lol.I've been to North Wilkesboro, Rockingham. and Lowes.Started out as a Rusty fan then switched to Johnson at the start of his soph season.
  4. You're my new favorite poster.I'd have to guess you're from the area.
  5. I miss the good ole days of the FCP hockey forum, it was friendly and polite. Now, we got E-gangs on every corner trying to stick who-knows-what in God-knows-where.I really hate to be the hippy-liberal here but, can't we all just get along?And if not is there an e-gang looking for a new member?
  6. That's my favorite 2nd favorite kinda tea.(#1 is twa tea)I was kinda hoping he would stay a cane, but I reckon he's been a Pen for a while plus 2.3 mil ain't a bad salary.
  7. Exactly. Like the season before they added the chase, Kenseth had the championship wrapped up way before the season ending race.It is kinda BS, but it makes it a lot more interesting not just during the chase but those races leading up to the cutoff point.Tony definately has personality and can drive the wheels off a car, he just talks out of his rear . He preached 'give and take' but when it came time to implement it against someone he thought needed to learn it(Newman) he totally abandoned it then cried when he got spun. He mentioned the 3 car after Pocono when Earnhart never pulled a bonehe
  8. My interests:women, sports, alchohol, and fishing.And none of those strike a chord? LOL at I take full responsibilty. No sht! You turned right into the 07, moron!
  9. I think they don't do tournies like the first UFCs because of injuries to the fighters. I believe in early one an alternate came in the finals and won.Vitor was a badass mother when he started in the UFC. He prolly taught wandy a thing or two that fight.
  10. Yeah, Chuck looked lazy and tired.And Rampage was looking good against Wandy, too, well til he damn near got knocked out the ring.I'm not big on sports betting, but I'd be surprised to see Chuck as the favorite.They gotta get this fight cuz they're running out of legends to stick in the ring.
  11. Any NASCAR fans here?"If the 3 car were still here, we wouldn't have the mess we do in NASCAR"(paraphrased) Tony StewartHell no, cause he'd have knocked your ace into the wall within the first 5 laps of the race to keep your dangerous, idiotic *** in the back of the pack."The young driver's don't understand 'give and take'"That's right, you give and Tony takes.I hated the penalty hardly affected him at all. They should've let the pit crews from the 99 and the 07 cars come over and bash his front fenders in.
  12. I can't wait for Silva to come to the UFC. A Hughes matchup would be another huge freakin fight.Did you ever see the Liddel/Rampage fight?
  13. Thank God it ain't a popularity contest.Bears suck.Go PackersGo Canes
  14. Plus you'll get to see Colesy leave your healthy D in his wake
  15. I'm swelling with American pride just thinking about it.Is it a sport? I think that it depends on your definition of sport. I think its more accurate to call it a contest just like spelling, chess, poker, backgammon, etc....
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