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  1. Hopefully you had a good trip. I was practically on the run 24/7. Rough weekend for me.
  2. It would be too bad, I didn't notice the other thread so I don't think I commented.
  3. It's easy to make the argument that McKenzie has become a mouth piece for the organization but it's easier for that to happen then for the player most of the time. Usually if a player comes in at a good or great contract number it's signed and sealed before we have any squabbling between the two sides and before it hits the public. In the end it's a winning proposition for McKenzie and the Leafs organization. McKenzie reports the news, whether you believe he's a mouthpiece or not, he gained information and reported it. The Leafs got their public opinion in their favor just in case Kadr
  4. Judging by the tweet by McKenzie and the response by Kadri I believe that the source was in fact someone high up in the Toronto Maple Leafs Front Office. Fenxis is completely right that this wasn't a "Source" as much as someone saying, "Go tell Bob McKenzie to report this on TSN". Bob gets his news and he reports it. Kadri calls him out on it because that's the way social media has changed the process. Old days it would at least take a day or two in the newspaper to get the rebuttal. Instead now we get it in 15 minutes and get the hilarious "Bobo". I think Kadri is shooting for the mo
  5. Awesome, I'll grab your number before you leave and hopefully I can see you in Vegas.
  6. Anyone else going to Frozen Fury or going to be there Sept 26-29. Not only am I attending hockey games, I got myself in a tournament as well. Long weekend coming.
  7. The Royal Half and I did this for his site. http://theroyalhalf....ay-retro-trade/ Gretzky's first game in LA video. All TSN.
  8. Lots of talk amongst the media out here in LA that they get the feeling Ryan wants to come back to LA/OC when his contract is up. Obviously we will see.
  9. Here's the info for Robitaille's Poker Tournament. Bad thing about it is it's before the 2nd game. So doubt many NHLers will be playing. http://frozenfurypoker.eventbrite.com/
  10. Roy was tough when he was a player, hopefully he's better now that he's a head coach. One year my parents and I stopped and chatted with Bob Miller and Roy was walking by with his golf bag. Bob yelled something like he had the wrong sticks in his hand. He might have kept on walking but I don't quite recall. The Kings always stay at the MGM, and sometimes the Avs stay at Mirage because of Lacroix's close relationship with Rene Angelil. In the end it's all MGM properties. Usually the players just walk through the hotel all day long. Practice isn't open to the public but the arena area is.
  11. You'll enjoy it. Most of the players just walk around and what not. Here's what the Kings fans have now called the Gauntlet
  12. Usually all the teams stay at the MGM and walk to the arena. Very easy to get autographs. Robitaille also holds a Celebrity Poker Tournament before the games. Usually all the Kings players/broadcasters play in it as well as players from the Avalanche. All the NHL Players have bounties on them of jerseys and sticks and such.
  13. Anyone going to Frozen Fury in September? Double header this year, Kings vs Rangers on Friday night, and Kings vs Avalanche on Saturday night.
  14. I covered Pender when he played for the Ontario Reign. He never did go crazy in the ECHL, at least not in the games I covered.
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