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  1. Sure, you would be responsible for cruise, but we can discuss a discounted price for the seat ticket. Sorry for being unclear.
  2. Hey all-I recently won a seat to the Poker Pro Challenge Finals on Oct 28, 2012 aboard the Carnival Magic. The cruise leaves out of Galveston, TX and goes to Montego Bay, Grand Cayman & Cozumel. The seat is worth $750. Cruise ticket is not included.If anyone is interested in buying seat, please shoot me a message. Last year, it looks like there were around 300 entrants, including Chris Moneymaker. It is played on those poker machines, not a live dealer.Thanks,Jamie
  3. USA Coop event 4. Going for 12+ hours now...Coming up n FT bubble....TID!!!
  4. I've been away from here for a while, but now I'm back. Anyone still grinding SNG's? I play the 90's on FTP (12's & 24's) as well as some $11 turbo STT
  5. Daniel-Stay strong & be by her side. Our thoughts & prayers are with your family.
  6. I've decided to give this a try just to see how far I can get (& to see which level is most profitable for me in regards to money won per hand). After 2 weeks I'm up to .05/.10. Table selection is HUGE!I don't expect to get as far as DN, but this is a fun experiment so far!
  7. Hey all-Wanted a little help. Which online blind timers do you guys recommend? I'm looking for something basic & free.Thanks alot!
  8. Put me in the winner's circle!!!!! Just won my first tourney!! $2.20 NL Quintuple shootout. That is a fun tourney- 4-person tables. 1024 ppl max.Nice cash of $327 That feels good!Not really a small ball game, but I did feel I was playing aggressively & ran all of the tables. Raising with top pr & firing 2 & 3 bullets with weak players (which there were a lot of! Lots of limping)I did use DN heads up style... Min raise in position & bet half pot on flop. Didn't play any bigs hands out of position unless I had it. Works like a charm!!!!Haven't won a tourney since one of t
  9. That would be a great topic for the pros to do a segment on!! I tried to get them to do a segment on how to become more aggressive, but there has been no response. That is by far my biggest weakness. I am a very patient player, but feel that I call & check too much. I guess I think they always have the nuts & if I raise w a bluff or semi-bluff they will just go all-in & I'll have to fold. I've improved in the fact that I am raising more coming into a pot & I've started to raise more with top pair, making CBs, & using the "Johnny Chan" play. So, I feel I'm slowly impro
  10. I've made a little bit of money since signing up for PVT. My main problem is that I can't devote nearly as much time to playing poker as I would like. Over Thanksgiving, when I had plenty of time to play, I did do very well for the week (very well in my opinion). I only have a bankroll of a few hundred bucks after a couple month down swing. So, I've been playing $5 Double or nothing SNG & 18 person $5 MTT SNG. I usually try to get into the $5 MTT in the afternoon if my workload is slow (which has about 4300 players) & I cashed once in about 6 tourneys.My results for the days I dev
  11. Sent in my testimonial a while ago. How long does it take to get the shirt?
  12. That game sounds alot like my weekly home game. I discovered long ago that ABC poker is the way to go. You'll just get frustrated with making elaborate plays that they won't understand & call all your bets with bad cards, yet they still take the pot.Good luck!
  13. Question for the pros:I am a tight player & need suggestions on becoming more aggressive. I've added a few "plays" to my game from the SB section that are working really well in tournaments, but still want to be a little more aggressive at times during cash games. What tips/suggestions do you have to increase aggression from a tight player? Having trouble knowing when to raise & reraise in & out of position to try to win the pot. Or even raising with top or middle pair.I've been playing at the same level for some time now & want to be able to take my game to the next level.
  14. I've fallen in love with the $5 18-person MTT!! It's such a soft game & I cash in just above 70% of the time. So, I naturally moved up to the $10 game. Here I am cashing in about 10% of the time. After a nice hit to my small bankroll, I've moved back down to the $5 game & again I'm killing it. Is there really that much of a difference in play? Or maybe I just have hit a bad run of cards. Is it normal to go thru a period of play adjustment at a new level? Any basic advice out there?
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