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  1. cash out 2k and quit online poker...spend $50 and buy STACKED....bet $1950 on heads or tails (superbowl coin toss)...gl sir
  2. OMG Richard Lee is mulletdonk of the year for sure...Lee also addressed his unwillingness to become sponsored by an online poker site."They were offering me money, saying wear our tshirt, wear our ballcaps and I just made a decision that if I were fortunate enough ... if I'm lucky enough to get to the final two or three where I'm going to get all the national exposure, that the only thing that I'm willing to support is God, my family, and San Antonio, Texas. There's just not enough money for them to change my mind about that." -ESPNfcuk the Alamo
  3. Wasicka made a great play against Cunningham with KQ diamonds earlier when he lelaised him with only king high against a very dangerous board...when i saw him make that play i realised he has the ability to make some very nice reads and then use that info to make the proper bets/raises to get his opponent to laydown a better hand.However, once I saw that mulletboy get his money in with tens I lmfao. I am now convinced that when he flipped over that KQ diamonds earlier and the crowd went crazy cause it was a bluff, he must've thought he had KQ hearts and that he flopped the nut flush!Also, his
  4. OK, which one of these two donks takes the cake for worst runner-up? IMO Wasicka was a TURBO donk who needs to buy STACKED and learn how to play. Seriously though, watching that HU match was like watching the end of a low limit turbo sng on pstars.
  5. I heard that J. Gold practiced for the ME by using STACKED as a teaching toolSeriously though, all you mulletards should realize who the REAL donks at the final table were....that LEE guy was a 'tard....and Wasicka was TURBO donk. Yes GOLD got lucky in spots but nobody figured him out and he (his big stack) had them playing scared towards him...and Wasicka DID get baited into calling with tens! All that table chatter throughout DID help him in the end!
  6. Wow, that was a joke.......like watching a $5 HU match on pokerstars!Somebody please research it, but i think that the last time that the ME was won by a single pair was like mid 80's. Wasicka is such a TURBO donk!
  7. Phil Gordon has ripped into the WPT's structure like fitty times...I love it!The WPT is a joke and NEEDS to be taken down!
  8. I wish someone would bring a lawsuit against STACKED and Dan W. of Myelin Media....they're the real criminals!
  9. The final board will be Q Q Q 9 9 ..........Prahlad will flip up AK soooooooted and Rizen will table his 33, the crowd will assume the pot to be a split one........However, Dan W. of Myelin Media will take the microphone and declare that Rizen will be the winner of the hand and the main event due to the new "STACKED" rules that were implemented once the tournament became heads-up.....
  10. STACKED is a frickin sweet game yo....anyone know if STACKED 2 is in the works?
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