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  1. Hey chucksty at ft of Party 150 rebuy. Quick lube your *** and get your lips stretched. Oh **** Bkice is there too. Better save some for him too..**** ing Homos
  2. i hope he gets knocked out. Sick of reading everyone on here sucking his ****. I really think 90 percent of you would blow him
  3. Danny, go out and kill a bird today then carve it up and eat it for dinner
  4. good news accept for the fact that ub sucks
  5. lube your *** some morehave you watched some of these donk plays. I mean the hand with jacks.LO ****ing L
  6. just watch high stakes poker.The guy plays like a dink. He has the roll for the game and He and haldf the other guys clearly don't belong.Good thing they ca n play mix games but their Nl H cash skills are weak.
  7. he probably threw her 100 k to get the master copy
  8. banworthy? Are you high or something?
  9. rumors? The guy ate a 43 yr old ladys brown hole on video.Voice tests prove it and he denies he is an *** muncher.
  10. why would you want to lock this thread.This is for phil and his outstanding accomplishment
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