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  1. it was stupid, but not vicious. Christ, the contact was with his upper arm, not even his elbow. Reputation/history plays into suspensions, and rightly so; but a call on the ice shouldn't be influenced by reputation.
  2. There's a minor penalty for elbowing for a reason, and that's it. Was it dumb? Sure, but it didn't in any way fit the criteria for a major/game misconduct. He basically just poked him with his elbow. The shameful flop-around-like-I've-been-hit-by-a-bus-but-not-miss-a-shift honestly should have wiped out any PP at all. But we're in full on knee-jerk reaction mode, where even looking at a guy above the shoulders leads to an immediate ejection.edit: Mcdonagh's shot to Letangs head there was more vicious than Cooke's elbow, and it's not really even close.
  3. shipped $11. Whatever you want, just me know.
  4. Sent you $11, play both and do whatever with the rest.
  5. shit. Got distracted and forgot about this. K_Dense, 051103, want 2 5.50 stakes for Ante Up @ 1815 and 6-max at 1830? Or something else, whatever... just let me know.
  6. editedChanging it to 2 stakes for the 250k. 50/50 nsb, be recognizable, and promise to send me my half when you win.
  7. You definitely made the right ruling, if your goal is to have that guy never play again or tell any of his friends anything positive about your league.Seriously, there were plenty of choices, and you chose pretty much the worst one possible.
  8. what's up with the NHL Network not showing the clock on penalties?
  9. Sounds just like San Antonio, why would I need to go to Costa Rica? And, we already do a free spay/neuter event every other month, and we fix/vaccinate/microchip 170+ animals in one day.
  10. Maybe cats are WAY different, but to pull a dog's tooth it's only a couple hundred... first and easiest suggestion is to find another vet. Also (and again, I'm speaking of dogs) anesthesia dangerous in older animals... we had a 12 year old dog with an infected tooth, and they told us if they put her under to pull it, there was a pretty decent chance she'd never wake up. But yes, I realize a 12 year old GSD is much older than a 12 year old cat, although I'm not sure what the cutoff line is for what's considered a safe procedure. I'd recommend calling around.
  11. In it for free stuff drawings! And maybe I'll play more often.vonteego3 (San Antonio)
  12. I think you've missed the point.
  13. At least I still have the Pirates.Fuck.
  14. Congrats to the Habs.(and a cheap shot)Look! Fans that can deal with a loss without throwing shit on the ice!
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