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    lol minnesotaments
  1. I got the $216 and she came home early so we are going out together i guess lol.....big time suckouts i had in the final three though
  2. Currently 2/9 first one i entered tonight. Girlfriend left pissed I was playing already. We wills ee how pissed she is in the morning 190883964
  3. got second , got screwed last hand, two pair is no godo heds up...probably givng stakes tommrowo thanks everyone
  4. Im heads up and drunk and late for a fantasy football draft, come root me on lolnveer finished higher than 4th i ont think
  5. First final table in one of these in a long time 3/9 right now.182127999
  6. yeah it doesat least if you are going to click on the link for the thread read the original post. especially if a poster like Gruven is the one making it.
  7. count me in as the whoever does give two shits is stupid! That is one of the worst beats I have seen, with two outs on the river. If I am reading it rigth it is in day three of the tournament every poker player dreams of; the main event. On top of that gruven had been a great member for a long time. Even if you dont follow hockey you can appreciate his poker interviews on his free podcasts. To just throw total disreagard to what he had to say about his final hand on DAY 3 is beyond my comprehension. ill get off your nuts about it but is totally rude to treat Gruven like that IMO.
  8. FU Baxterdont even care if you go to 4bb or if you are already there....thats still a dickhead commetn and even if you were being funny its bullshit in a thread where a respected memeber posts his bad beat in the biggest tournamnet of the year.
  9. Im back!OK now you can say FCP officailly sucks.
  10. got 4th for 50 cents...started the day with 8 cents in my account and now have .55 so ill play around with that before i redeposit lol
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