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  1. As already stated, some keyloggers keep track of your clipboard as well.
  2. It might hurt if this is your first time.Better lube up...
  3. Didnt you say that it was a shared computer? Not sure who you share with, but they could have done it easily and been able to remove most evidence.
  4. They have already found water on mars:
  5. yergan


    Strangest thing happened last night. Went home and did a crossword (two speed - normal & cryptic clues)and this was one of them. Very strange.
  6. At a home game I see this being either TT, JJ or AK. Outside chance of QQ.Most home game players tend to hate seeing flops with these hands and will try and get it all over with pre flop. Against this range you have ~60% equity.Text results appended to pokerstove.txt 39,382,992 games 0.080 secs 492,287,400 games/secBoard: Dead: equity (%) win (%) tie (%) Hand 1: 62.6208 % 60.34% 02.28% { JcJd }Hand 2: 37.3792 % 35.10% 02.28% { JJ-TT, AKs, AKo }If we add in QQ we are still at ~ 50%Text results appended to pokerstove.txt 49,656,816 games 0.050 secs
  7. If you want to be really picky, why does it only cover poker? There are lots of other card games that people play.
  8. 3-1 on ponting is looking very good at the moment, as long as he isnt out with back injuries. The other problem might be australia only needing 1 innings in some matches.You going to the sydney match or any others? I have tickets to boxing day test but want to sell / swap them for adelaide.
  9. My thoughts on the match so far.Harmison - lucky to bowl on the pitch. Reminds me of what happened to Gillespie at the last ashes.Flintoff - Only man putting any pressure with the ball. Cant say the same for his batting. Doesnt have a good demeaner about him at the moment.Giles - did he manage to spin any?Pieterson - decent performance with the bat. Didnt drop any catches!Hoggard & Anderson - some good spells with the ball but lacked consistencyTheres not much to say about the rest of the batting. Some good performance in the second innings but a lot of stupid mistakes.-Strauss' dismissal-
  10. Play has begun in one of the most anticipated series in years.Predictions for final result? 4 - 0 to australia.Any of our pommy friends making the trip over?
  11. One of the funniest posts Ive seen in a long time.
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