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  1. Slowplaying too much?Chasing inside straight draws?a desperado 6 ( westlake )
  2. i will have to play a bit later, my wife is making me go to dinner with her friends in half an hour, i will PM OP when i play
  3. i know i have less than 200 posts, but a desperado6 (westlake) if your feeling nice
  4. a little late but im x ima splasher x on stars. you could watch me and i would let you know when i play
  5. is that a lakewood high school ID in your avatar?
  6. uh, how does the spade help you when you have jack ten of hearts?
  7. i got second and yoda is a ****** bag.
  8. now 5 of 8, forgot to mention im holding heat
  10. He writes a column in the sports page, actually pretty good writing
  11. i feel for ya superjon, hopefully i can give your bankrolla jump tonight =)gl with everything buddy
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