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  1. I agree that the turn action can still come from just a pair of queens often enough that we have to raise on the river. any sort of queen high flush draw is going crazy on the turn as well as a host of other hands we're beating like Q7, Q4, 74, and any two pair containing a 9. Unless this guy is a total nit (guessing not) I'm always three betting and calling a cap expecting to win this showdown. I still haven't even mentioned the possibilities of a 9 or a 7 with a club draw... this seems like an autoraise still. Hell... he could even have played TT, JJ, KK, or AA this poorly.
  2. In my opinion there's incredible levels of thinking going on. Chan might check both streets because both players checked to him because they expect to see a continuation bet from Chan. However, Chan would have to know that Huck Seed is capable of checking a J or a boat on multiple streets against a CO raiser. I think folding here would be incredibly bad against their ranges of hands (however, a physical tell might change my mind). I think this river decision is like 55% raise, 44% call, 1% fold. One thing to consider is that Chan might have considered himself so incredibly far ahead of his opp
  3. The biggest irony of it all is that none of this would happen if Harrah's would actually pay their dealers what they deserve and give the players respectable dealers in the box. As a dealer myself, there is absolutely no way in hell this should happen. The dealer should have made change before putting the river card out AND the floor person should always go to the dealer first and get the correct story so that the floor person can make the correct ruling. The amount of break in dealers at this year's series is a complete joke.
  4. Casselberry is on the outskirts of Orlando, correct? There's currently a rumor floating around that Sammy the Deuce is going go open up a room there sometime in 2008. He is the WSOP tournament director (third in command, almost always doing the TV final table announcing) that opened up the Sarasota track followed by Tampa Greyhound. I might transfer there once it gets operational if I can get a managerial spot, but thats pretty far away so I'm not overly concerned about it.
  5. This forum was much more positive than 2p2... they're all a bunch of nits and complainers. This is a positive step, so take it at that.
  6. Lord_Strife (Tampa)lame, my account looks pretty bad for MTTs because I didnt play them forever, I'm starting to get into them a little more and I would love to get a chance to show someone what I can do. My Sharkscope is much better descriptor of my skill level but I'm sure you'll make a good decision.And of note, I gave out some stakes a month or so ago so I could use some good luck... someone scumbaged me that night and I won't do that to you because I realized how lame it was. Let me know!
  7. For those of you who want an inside scoop into what's going on in a room that's about to open, then here you go. I'm going to be employed at the Tampa Greyhound Track which has three competing card rooms surrounding it. We're going to be open year around and I can honestly say it's going to be the best card room of the bunch. Here are some of the things we're going to offer:3/6 limit hold'em as a staple game.6/12 limit hold'em as the biggest limit game.2-5 spread limit 7 card stud and stud h/l3/5 omaha hi/lo2/3 no limit hold'em with 100 min/max buyin. If you get to $50 chips you can add anothe
  8. Here's what they should have agreed upon... even chip chop and auto signup for a 500 or 1k sng for the odd chips... that way the guy can play it out and guy that felt like he was getting screwed could play it out and get to even.
  9. I really like this idea, seems fun. The betting is a little tricky so I'm going to present some scenarios and you tell me how much each player can bet (and how much they could have bet on each street if that was the order they received cards)(xx) AQ8(xx) 34(xx) 5K5(xx) 999(xx) 2(xx) 6789
  10. You can keep the $3.90 you're entitled to and send the rest back to me or we can talk about a bigger, running stake. Hit me up on AIM if you have it or we'll move this discussion to PM's
  11. Tough final hand, can't fold there but good job nontheless. You want to parlay that into a couple other stakes or you just wanna send it back now?
  12. I'm still offering my action if anyone wants to stake me, tournament's started but I haven't played a hand yet, offer's still out there Lord_Strife (Tampa)
  13. Wait a little longer, I'm Lord_Strife here, Lord_Strife (Tampa) on pokerstars
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