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  1. Yeah the hand continues to make me think for three days now. As I said, what he ended up having doesn't matter for what I choose to do. It just so happened I was right. However, thinking about it more, he was the only player at the table in which I would've folded that hand.I used it to my advantage as well since about 15 hands later I c/r again and got three bet. I capped and smoke bet the turn and they folded. I only had top and bottom on the flop, but a perceptive player tried to play back at me again.
  2. You nailed it here in my mind. I folded faceup after a bit of thought and got quite a reaction out of the table. The button stared in amazement for what seemed like a minute saying "I don't want to show my hand.." or something similar. He finally flashed the hand to me and mucked it. This is why I love live poker.Here was my thinking first and foremost. I don't care what he has as only 2 cards in the deck make me comfortable with my hand. The two aces that are possibly left in the deck are all that would be good for me. Basically my hand is made, I have little hope for improvement, I am
  3. I don't think there should've been a decision to make on the river. ALL the money should've been in much before that. Pot the pre-flop, pot the flop, pot the turn. Anyone hanging around has a hand.
  4. I play in a live daily Omaha hi-lo 15-30 game. I know the players pretty well, especially the ones in this hand.I am 10 seat with $10 SB. 9 Seat is a tight, good player on the button. 1 Seat is a very tight player. We all have plenty of money for this limit hand. My table image is that I play quality hands and am considered a solid winner in this game.Folds to button and the 9 seat will very often give the walk and let the blinds chop in this situation. He looks and says "well crap I have a hand" and raises to $30. I find Ad 2D 9D QH. Button says "Let it go, I have a hand" and I say I
  5. I am heading to Vegas this weekend. Looking for any opinion on any of the non-holdem games. I know Venetian has 1-2 PLO, 4-8 omaha/8 and a 6-12 mixed. Wynn has a 10-20 omaha/8 1/2 kill. Mirage has the regular 5-10 omaha/8. Orleans has a couple Omaha games. Bellagio has a 15-30 stud, a 30-60 mixed and the big game.I will be leaving Vegas before the IP 10 game mix wackiness starts unfortunately. I have the funds to play up to 40-80 if needed. I play a regular 15-30 omaha/8 game now.I am looking for anyone with recent experience in any of these games and whether they actually happen or no
  6. Raise the flop? The money should've been in before that. Re-raise pre-flop. Shove all that money in.
  7. Run away fast from this hand pre-flop. Most pairs are absolutely nothing in Omaha pre-flop when the other two cards aren't very helpful. When I started playing o/8 I used to raise these hands pre-flop thinking it was so good. Very little ability to scoop with this hand and that it the utmost importance. Draw to the nuts and try to scoop. Makes the game easier.
  8. OK, I feel sane again. The hand made me over a grand (playing big enough where the rake doesn't matter much - 20-40). River was a Qh. I check called the river - should've led out, but in the end it actually didn't matter. I scooped this pot and went back and thought I should've put this guys entire stack in because he seemed willing. This guy was crazy, rich and partially drunk. Explains his making this move with what he had.... sort of. Set of Jacks.... Said he didn't see the straight - I guess I believe him. Maybe that is why I should keep going.btw - this 20-40 game was looser than
  9. Live game. So last night I saw what I thought was a weak game at a higher limit than I usually play. I sat down for my very first hand at this limit and am in the cutoff and have to post the big. Folds around to me and I raise with q-9 offsuit looking to steal the first hand. Button and both blinds call. ugh.The button is a crazy, loud player who drinks alot and plays half time down at the level I normally play. I am not scared of him at all. Flop is 10-8-6 three suited. Giving me the double-gutter. Blinds check and I bet. Button raises and both blinds fold. Button would raise a 10,
  10. I think the weakest part of my game is nut low on river in late position. It seems like I always check when I should bet and vice versa. I think I gotta bet here, right?Absolute PokerLimit Omaha Ring gameLimit: $5/$108 playersConverterStack sizes:UTG: $145.07UTG+1: $162.04MP1: $222MP2: $100CO: $100Hero: $141.62SB: $212BB: $492.20Pre-flop: (8 players) Hero is Button with 2 A 7 K UTG folds, UTG+1 calls, MP1 raises, MP2 calls, CO calls, Hero calls, SB calls, BB calls, UTG+1 calls.Flop: K 8 5 (14SB, 7 players)SB checks, BB checks, UTG+1 checks, MP1 checks, MP2 checks, CO checks, Hero bet
  11. not that I needed it, but the 4 of spades hit the river.SB had 3468 no spades. Begging his 34 low gets half.MT1 had A23KThe 4 spades hit the river and MT1 bet out again. I figured SB has enough invested already that he will call 2 cold, or he would've folded to the one bet anyway, so I raised again.Now that I am hours past this hand, I am starting to question the re-raise pre-flop. I went with a read and made a play, but I wonder if I should've just folded. Thoughts?
  12. I raised pre-flop because the original raiser constantly raised pairs.... from what I saw. You may disagree with this play, but I felt this was a good spot to make this move. Trying harder to be more aggressive early.Absolute PokerLimit Omaha Ring gameLimit: $5/$109 playersConverterStack sizes:UTG: $392.03UTG+1: $121MP1: $157MP2: $154MP3: $43CO: $117Hero: $190SB: $327.50BB: $127Pre-flop: (9 players) Hero is Button with 2 5 T 3 2 folds, MP1 raises, MP2 calls, 2 folds, Hero 3-bets, SB calls, BB folds, MP1 caps, MP2 calls, Hero calls, SB calls.Flop: 7 6 A (17SB, 4 players)SB checks, MP1
  13. What about betting the turn? You have the Ace of diamonds and his call on the flop suggests either weak flush, low draw or a set he is not yet proud of.It just seems the raise pre-flop, bet flop, check turn begs for an EP pot on any river by loose players. If this guys is as loose as you say, shove it in - He only started with $86.Now remember most of my PLO/8 experience is in a live game where guys typically have $500 to $1500 in front of them, so $86 is nothing. I am still not yet sure of the differences between that and online. However in my game, I will shove $150 in on the turn bettin
  14. Why? My thinking (hope) here is that two lows are battling. Any bigger high is not going anywhere here and a lesser high, w/ weak low may fold if I change my passive stance and start throwing in bets. Since these guys appear to be capping anyway, I am along for the ride. My thinking is the only possible difference in me putting in bets is to drive out a hand that wouldn't win anyway. I figured the river was gonna cap, so I went along hoping for my high.I dunno, I guess it worked out. I was not convinced and it is more fun to call than fold.The fact that two lows battled like they did is
  15. PLO/8 or limit 0/8? Converter seems to suggest limit, but your comment regarding min bet on river doesn't.I do fold this in limit or plo though on the flop. Tired of chasing second nut low only (high re-draw is really thin) to only get counterfeited or nutted.
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