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  1. You guys are crazy! Toy Time's purple coins was easy. GWC, aim me sometime for some wii talk
  2. playing this hand utg is pretty horrendus. Yeah, nothing wrong with getting it in on that flop though.
  3. SImpsons Avatars WIN! <3 Carl Carlson and Lenny!
  4. Please let me know how you know what goes on "behind the curtain" in my life. Have you ever talked to me in person? No. Don't make retarded assumptions. I usually only drink once a week and it is usually on the weekend. If you consider that a drinking problem then so be it.
  5. Please quote where i threatened to kill someone.
  6. Why do you have Iowa's schedule in your sig? Like anyone gives a fucck. You even took the time to put their ranking in each poll, get a life please.
  7. Just checked this thread for the first time this year. It's funny to see that the trolls are still trollin' and the haters are still hatin'. Freddec is still so bitter! Cry more sir, cry more.
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