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  1. What episode of Poker After Dark has Konik and Phil Gordan talking trash about Daniel?
  2. Really isn't it the same as if somebody went allin with a lower pocket pair on the turn and then made trips on the river
  3. Jamie Gold seemed like the coolest guy that was interviewed.
  4. I've read that you can deposit with the visa gift card, but I was wondering if there were any small sites that still took just regular credit cards. My visa used to work on mansion, titan, and poker.com.
  5. I often read about people's grinding approach to poker. I hear this phrase a lot; "the goal of a grinder is to win one big bet an hour." My question is, are they saying that they want to win at least one big pot an hour or just the amount of the big blind every hour.So if you are grinding at 1-2, do you plan on winning just 2 dollars an hour? That doesn't sound right.How much is a good, but reasonable win rate in relation to the blinds?
  6. Do the cards work just like regular gift cards or do you have to call and activate them like credit cards?
  7. I really don't understand this mathematically. How does running it twice affect variance? It doesn't seem like it would affect anything. I'm not saying it doesn't, I just don't understand how it does.
  8. Back when they were airing the 2003-2004 episodes of the WSOP, Norman Chad was always introduced as "tournament player, Norman Chad." They don't do it anymore. I looked him up on cardplayer and he doesn't even have a profile. Has anybody ever seen him play? I really like him as an announcer, but he seems like an odd pick for the expert on probably the most watched poker show ever. Has he ever won or cashed in anything?
  9. He could have a smaller over pair (88-TT), but I'm assuming since you posted this you lost the pot to a fullhouse or something.
  10. Sorry if there is a thread devoted to this already but I was just wondering if anybody knew how anthony mac was doing in the tournament. Did he bust out? I checked on worldpokertour.com and they have someone listed as just Anthony who is still in but reallylow on chips
  11. Does Phil Ivey still play in World Poker tour events? I know that he is more of a cash game player now but I thought he still played in the big events. If he does, then he must be getting pretty unlucky because according to cardplayer he hasn't cashed in nearly six months.
  12. Does anybody know any other pages with the professional poker player profiles similar to what Daniel has written in the forum. I know Barry Greenstein wrote several for pokerlistings but do any other sites have them? I'm not talking about pages that just list poker accomplishments, but where a person's style of play is actually analyzed.
  13. Daniel, where did you read about these 2057 predictions. I've never heard any predictions that gloomy. Most experts say that we are only going to begin to feel the effects towards the 2nd half of this century, and I assume its going to be a long time after that before we all drop dead. (http://www.channel4.com/science/microsites/U/ukweather2080/index.html)I could be easily wrong and I am not an expert either, but I was wondering if you had a source for that comment.For the other guy who said that Al Gore claimed to have invented the internet. That isn't true. Anybody who believes that sto
  14. I always wondered about this myself but I remember in the 2003 world series of poker when Sam Grizzle said something funny which made Norman Chad laugh really hard. Then everybody at the table started laughing and Sam Grizzle said "they started laughing in the back room!" Then Lon Macharon said, "They heard you Norman."It's possible that Lon was just joking, but the way it sounded was as if they had actually heard Norman Chad laughing. So maybe it was live in 2003.Actually, the more I think about this, the dumber it sounds considering there were like 500 people in the room (its probably unl
  15. Daniel just took the chip lead by giving a pretty big bad beat to Kainer. Kainer had AK and Daniel went allin preflop with AQ. Very undaniel like considering he had like over 30 times the big blind when he did it. He wasnt short stacked or anything... and a queen came on the flop
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