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  1. thanks for replying so fast bluff...i just sent you another email with the number...
  2. i sent you an email at eric@bluffmagazine.com...please respond quickly if there's anything tha tcan be done as I would like to order it in time.
  3. Anyone else unable to subscribe?Bluff can you help me out any?I followed the link in your original post, and I went to where you start the registration process.I filled out all my personal info and clicked "register" and was taken to "unable to view this page," the error message I usuallyget when my internet is down.My connection is fine though so I'm assuming it's a problem with your site? I tried a full 5 times to no avail.I'd like to register but if I can't before the FT tonight I probably won't.Any one having the same problem?Stak
  4. Now that they are showing the final table on the live webstream, that means that DN won't be able to relay updates every couple minutes like he has been doing before correct?No worries, if it's true then some of us who have the broadcast can keep the forum posted...i was just wondering.
  5. I reccommend 2+2's sports betting forum.Not only for their discussions of specific games/bets but they have a stickied post/FAQ that provides the "crash course" that you're asking for. If I remember correctly it explains spreads, money lines, props, teasers, parlays, hedging etc.Hope that helps
  6. So disaster struck for me. The only site that I have money on/ have ever played on has closed it's doors to people from "my state/province"For some reason they have only closed to players from about 15 states...and I have no idea why that happened.I'm a little bit scared as well because it won't let me access any of the withdrawal options. When I asked support though she said that "You'll get an email within the next 48 hours about how to withdraw your funds."I'm obviously super upset/worried but I'm hoping in the long run it will be a good thing. Once I figure out how to get some of that mone
  7. Lots of threads like these recently, and they always interest me. I wonder a lot about the "poker economy" so everyone's responses interest me.I am up precisely $10,632.45 lifetime. But I have played a RIDICULOUS number of hours.I don't know what my hourly rate is but I'm quite sure it's not impressive.I don't know whether it was worth it...I sure as hell didn't make minimum wage per hour, I also sure as hell enjoyed it more than I would have enjoyed a minimum wage job.Stak
  8. Consider yourself PMed Derswick.And for the record Kevlar, if that was directed at me...I'm not asking for a stake but rather some sort of exchange with GP dollars for Stars or Full Tilt mobneys...Stak
  9. Yea Golden Palace's 1 cent rebuys are actually great fun although I obviously haven't played one in a while.The funny thing is I used to play them like a nit because I was playing on like a 30 cent bankroll for awhile there (when I'd run bad in the 4 cent sitngos lol.)If you think 1 cent rebuys in general are funny, trying to play them without (or with only one or two) rebuys and foregoing the add-on is even funnier/ really really sad.As for no one wanting Golden Palace money for Stars or Tilt money, I kinda figured that would happen but I could at least hope and try right?Not to be too shamel
  10. I don't have six figures from freerolls yet...but wen I do let me know what kind of proof you want. :)I won 52 cents in a freeroll and than built my bankroll mainly playing one cent rebuys and 4 cent buyin sitngo's (with 4 cents added to the prize pool...what a value!)I moved up through the ranks of sitngos until i got to the 50's at which point a bad run/ bad play/ burnout hit me and i switched to MTT's. I've happily been a tourney donk ever since, as I now play exclusively multi's...Bankroll is a little over 10k now (thanks to a 2400 dollar score on sunday) and hopefully it's in five figures
  11. He played in a $200 dollar sit and go at GoldenPalace/Doyle's Room and...Dec 22 04:18:56] : Seat 1 : kchang3 has $2,050 [Dec 22 04:18:56] : Seat 2 : MrShade has $1,902 [Dec 22 04:18:56] : Seat 6 : 49quad has $1,570 [Dec 22 04:18:56] : Seat 7 : stak1 has $1,760 [Dec 22 04:18:56] : Seat 8 : ToddBrunson has $9,818 [Dec 22 04:18:56] : Seat 9 : ballydoyle has $900 [Dec 22 04:18:56] : MrShade is the dealer. [Dec 22 04:18:56] : 49quad posted small blind. [Dec 22 04:18:56] : stak1 posted big blind. [Dec 22 04:18:56] : Game [24] started with 6 players. [Dec 22 04:18:56] : Dealing Hole Cards. [Dec 22 04
  12. I don't know what YOU'RE thinking...he had a top pair draw! How could he fold?God YSAPStak
  13. Can I ***** too?Ok so it's not the sunday million...golden palace 7k gtd.4 handed at the final table, AK< 99 for chip leadership and easy pwnage of other two not so good players.4th place ? $6451st place? ~3kSo that means two full days playing tourneys (Saturday and Sunday) about $1500 in total buy-ins and about $1600 in total winnings.profit = 100 dollarshourly rate = probably around minimum wage.Ghey.Stak
  14. Ok, this is not meant as a brag post, and is actually a question I need answered if anyone can help me.When I was about 15 years old I dled the software for Golden Palace poker and made a "Real Money Account" which allowed me to play freerolls. Being 15, I never deposited any money.Golden Palace used to have a wonderful freeroll called a "Ten Cent Giveaway" which was a 9-handed Sit and go that paid 5c/3c/2c for the top three places. I had a lot of fun with these, and the play was predictably atrocius.Playing those I built up a "bankroll" of like a dollar. I moved to 5 cent buyin sit and go's a
  15. Can I *****, moan, and complain here too? Please.Played 3 tournies with around 6 or 7k prize pools. They all happened to pay 27 places. In every one I played a coinflip (AK<99, 1010< AQ, 66< A10) that would have put me well above average and got knocked out in 26th, 33rd, 41st.Ok, no big deal. Losing coinflips happens...although usually not three times in a row for huge pots.Enter my huge tourney of the day...23k prizepool, 27 places paid.Avg. stack 32 k, my stack 28k, nearing the bubble with 35 players left. I have 88 in the BB and call a standard raise from a TAG. Flop comes 3 5 9 r
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