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Checking Down Ethic

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Posted 24 April 2006 - 01:40 PM

View PostNealyh_02, on Thursday, April 20th, 2006, 3:03 PM, said:

Was playing in a MTT tournament...was very early in the game and the small stack goes all in for 650 I have about 5,000 and I look down from the small blind and have AK not suited.. I try and isolate the all in by betting about 1000 over the 650 all in...the big blind calls ( he has about the same amount as I do). so there is approxiamately 4,000 in the pot. The flop comes all spades. I hit an ace but have no spades.. I check..the big blind checks....the next card come up a a low heart...I check..the big blind checks. The river comes another spade...I know that between the all in and the big blind I am probable beat if I just check. I decided to just take a stab at the pot and bet abother 1,000. The big blind folds and the all in flips over 9 of spades and wins the side pot about 1900.. I take the rest which is the about 2,100. I big blinds gets very upset and doesnt know why I didnt check it down. He claims that he had the 10 of spade, but was checking it down and I should not have made the attempt to steal the pot. I think since there was more money in the side pot...It was okay to try and steal the pot...am I right?
hes a poor loser and you played very well im my opinion

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Posted 26 April 2006 - 09:01 PM

i dont know what everyone else said im not reading them alli say that there was enough money in the pot for you to take a stab.its early and if you dont win the chips then some1 else will.

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Posted 29 April 2006 - 06:14 PM

There are two reasons to bet (even into a dry side pot):1. There are cards still to come2. You have a chance at winning.So what you did was fine.(above is from Sklansky)

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