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  1. playing in 309011137 third in chips.....10 left
  2. Played in my first tourney in Doyles room. Played the 27.50 bounty tourney( basically a free roll) played for 4 hours and came 17th. Not sure if I am sold on the site, but was fun.
  3. Anybody having issues deposting using echecks? Say it is down and was wondering if anybody knows what is going on
  4. Praying for you and your mother Daniel
  5. I see that Pokerstars has reinstated their electronic cashout directly into your bank account. Has anybody used it? Please let me know whether it works better then a few months ago.
  6. How many takers did Daniel get on his props? I know Ivey...Did Doyle have one with him to.. Congrats on Matusow for taking down the the 2-7 free coke for everyone.....I mean pepsi..
  7. Just played in my first MTT HORSE tournament. I think not knowing how to play all the games may have worked to my advantage.. 232 people 10 dollar buy in..knocked out in 16th..WOO Hoo.
  8. Hello allI just have a quick question as to what is the proper etiquette when playing poker online in a cash game. I was playing a .50-1.00 no limit head to head online. I bought in for 60 dollars, and my opponent buys in for 100. I double up really quick, and he re buys putting him back at 100. We play for a good 1/2 hour and anytime he lose a significant amount, he re buys at 100. He then tries and bully me by way over betting the pot preflop. Is it okay at any time to just take the money and leave? Or should you keep playing till he leaves or wins back his money.
  9. I hear Nike is still going to release his new shoes.....they changed the name to hush puppies..
  10. I hear they have changed the name to hush puppies...... ooops i meant shoes
  11. Flaminio Malaguti Hates Pocket AcesFlaminio Malaguti went 0-3 with pocket aces in the first four hours of play today. The first time, they were cracked by 4-5 when his opponent flopped two pair, the second time they were cracked by J-J making a straight on the turn, and the third time they were taken down by 7-7 flopping a set.Finally, Malaguti went all in pre-flop with pocket kings and was called by the small blind who showed... pocket aces. Those aces managed to hold up and Malaguti was eliminated.how sad is that
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