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  1. If he really is that strong and that good technically, he's basically an unbeatable fighter. If someone like BJ can't control him in his guard, what chance does anyone else have? Like I said before, maybe he is just that good and I would have given him that praise if he had not gotten caught with the vaseline. But, the fact of the matter is it's not the first time that he's been accused of it. It's not the first time his camp has been accused of it and BJ's corner warned the commission about it before hand. Dana himself has said he thinks his corner did it on purpose, why would Dana say t
  2. BJ got his guard passed 30 seconds after getting taken down in the 2nd Round. I highly doubt he was tired at that point, at least he didn't look it. Is GSP really that much stronger than Matt Hughes? I don't know about that, but BJ controlled Hughes in his guard before hurting his rib. BJ has great technique to go along with his flexibility. Everything he does on the ground is very fundamentally sound, he doesn't do anything flashy. Really though, GSP did most of his damage inside BJ's guard rather than the better positions. He couldn't get much leverage on his shots in side control or
  3. I'm not sure how accurate the timeline for everything is as far as what happened in between rounds. I'm sure they have an actual video of everything that was going on in the corner to get a better idea of everything. Pretty sure that is what the NSAC will be reviewing. Other fighters have accused GSP of being greasy. Some Fighters and trainers have complained about some of Greg Jackson's guys being greasy. Is it a coincidence? I personally don't think so. Where there's smoke there's fire.
  4. Yup, they saw it happen after the third round. BJ looked like he was done after the 2nd Round, so even if it was somehow wiped off, the fight was basically done after the 2nd Round. BJ himself said he was borderline knocked out and didn't know what was going on. He was just fighting off of instincts. It will be interesting to see what the video reveals during the breaks between the first 2 rounds. If he was wiping him with vaseline in those rounds as well, while doing that breathing technique, I would think that's blatant cheating. More than likely, not much comes of this. Probably a co
  5. I'm not saying he's not a legit black belt, but he just got his black belt recently a few months ago. You compare that to someone like BJ who's had his for almost 10 years and was a World Champion in BJJ and it should be no contest who the better grappler is. That's pretty much my point that BJ shut down GSP's entire game the first fight and could do nothing the second fight. Maybe he really is that good now and proper credit would have been given if he were not caught red handed with the vaseline.They were the same basic passes he was using against Matt Serra as well. GSP is actually kind
  6. Yeah, he is a very good wrestler, but BJ has one of the best guards in MMA. He should have been able to at least neutralize some of what GSP was doing. Instead, he couldn't do anything. GSP was doing the most basic passes, posturing up and raining down shots whenever he wanted. Sure, maybe he is just that dominant, but to think grease couldn't have played a factor is just not being rational.
  7. Whether it affected the outcome of the fight is irrelevant. Fact of the matter is his corner got caught putting vaseline on him. It taints his win in my opinion. If you listen to some of his strategy for the fight, you'll hear him talking about trying to gas out BJ's arms by clinching with him, so his hand speed isn't as quick. If he uses strategy like that, I would think he would have a sophisticated way of cheating as well if he were to do it. Who knows if he has used other greasing methods in the past. Some fighters have been known to bathe in baby oil before the fight, so they beco
  8. I think GSP probably would have won this fight regardless with his gameplan that he was using, but I also don't think we should dismiss that he may have cheated. The breathing thing he does could be something he actually believes helps him, but it would be pretty convenient to cheat and add vaseline while they're doing it. They would have the built-in excuse as to why they were doing it if they were ever caught like in this situation. BJ is also not the first to complain about it. Sherk has made complaints, Hughes has done the same, Mayhem as well.There's no doubt in my mind the vaseline w
  9. Sucked not winning anything, but at least the hand gave me some entertainment with the way it played out.
  10. Yeah, it's pretty shocking he hasn't said anything to get his chat banned. Totally understandable if he did.
  11. LOL wow this is nuts. Everyone getting disconnected left and right.
  12. Damn that must suck to be so close yet so far away for Confederate. At the same time, everyone at that table should be thanking him. If he posts, the timing is thrown off.Wow some dude just folded LOL
  13. His ground and pound is some of the best around. He just didn't use it this fight, but if you watch his other fights, he's very good at it.
  14. A lot more is coming out about the GSP greasing incident. It appears as though BJ mentioned to the someone in the NSAC during the fight that GSP was greasy between rounds. It seems like this also isn't the first time this has happened as other fighters have complained before about GSP being greasy. Mayhem Miller has said GSP was very greasy in their fight. Sherk has also said the same thing. Other fighters have also mentioned fighters from Greg Jackson's camp being greasy such as Rashad Evans and Roger Huerta in their fights against Tito and Florian. Is it all a coincidence? Possibly, b
  15. His loss to Pulver wasn't bad either. Pulver at the time was probably the best lightweight in the world and it was BJ's 4th fight. It was a close split decision that could have gone either way. He was a favorite for the fight, but it wasn't like Pulver was a chump either. He had a ton of experience on BJ heading into that fight. This fight against GSP is really the only fight where you can say he definitively lost aside from the Matt Hughes fight where he hurt his rib. I'm not sure how he's going to recover from this fight and he seems to have lost some of his drive and hunger to be a gr
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