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  1. Woohooooooo congrats Dubey family! 3 and counting, going to try for a starting 5 at least? Speaking of thirds, don’t think I mentioned it here either, but Mrs G is also expecting #3, due late October.
  2. Someone tell me how to feel about the recent Leafs trades!
  3. Bucks are around -250 to win the series so fairly big favourites. If you had said they’d be meeting in the finals before the postseason, odds would have been a bit lower but Bucks have been dominant while the Raptors eked it out of course. Plus the whole big moment hangover could be an issue. After that shot falls, im calling the Raptors to win the title...next year. Bucks beat them in 4-5 this year...but I hope I’m wrong!
  4. Pretty much what I came here to say. Raps definitely missed more shots than usual - they were 3/16 on corner 3s and most of those were pretty open. Over a larger sample, they’d be closer to 6/16 on those and that’s a 4-point win. Then again, it was only 4 because Lowry made two late 3s which is pretty unusual! Calls weirdly favoured Philly in the consistent minor way that the NBA is a make-up league and they definitely favoured the raps in game 1. Just seemed like any contact under the 76ers basket was let them play, and anything under the Raps was a typical foul. Kawhi was getting hit eve
  5. Got my Defenders put on today, thanks again Dubey! Also got my MVI and other minor work done. Only unexpected problem is they said my e-brake cable was toast and needed replacing (don’t think I have used my e-brake once with this vehicle) which was $90 for the part and $150 all-in.
  6. Thanks very much Dubes (and Bob) - we actually got snow today so i don’t feel dumb waiting too late lol, but I’ll check around for Defenders today.
  7. 15-20000. More than half in the summer. I have a couple seasons left on my winters.
  8. Help me! I need new all-season tires for my grand caravan. 225/65R17. I have no idea where to even start. My van is 6 years old but hopefully has a few years left. I’ve been told Costco is cheapest...don’t have a membership but could likely get friend/family to take me. Am I better off at a chain (which one?) or local place? Any brand to go for or stay away from? What price range should I be looking at for a mid-quality set? Thaaaaanks
  9. What a weird, unpleasant and completely irrelevant response. Or maybe it’s brilliant? I guess everyone who ever has something bad happen to them should just decide they don’t need self-pity and everything would be cool.
  10. I respectfully disagree Wayne, though I think it is something reasonable to disagree on. When my wife had a miscarriage (early in the first trimester) with our first, we were not well prepared to deal with it. We knew you “weren’t supposed to talk about it” and that just made it more difficult to deal with our grief. Thankfully we had told our parents at least about the pregnancy, and after the miscarriage, found out both our mothers had one as well, so we had some comfort and support. Like you said, it’s extremely common (something like 25% of first pregnancies). So why not talk about it?
  11. Anyone seen The Catcher Was a Spy about Moe Berg?
  12. This is absolutely incorrect. The wall has almost nothing to do with illegal immigration, since the huge majority of illegal immigrants are not people who just snuck across the border. And people crossing in this manner or otherwise not having status in the country have no path to voting. Republicans say that Democrats want illegal immigration because of votes, but that’s like pissing in your face and calling it rain because those types of immigrants can’t vote, whether they stay in the country or not. It can’t even be said that Democrats want more legal immigration for votes because histo
  13. My brother is/was a personal trainer, and talks a lot about how he trained Hyman before the prospect combine. Says he’s the hardest worker he’s ever trained. Not sure that’s a huge endorsement since he usually trains 60-year old Forest Hills moms and not professional athletes but better than if he didn’t work as hard as them I guess.
  14. I’m mostly just in awe that something like 40% of Americans now fully believe that $5B to build a few pieces of wall is somehow synonymous with border security and will somehow keep them safe. Because obviously the billions in illegal drugs that come into the states is just walked across the border, and all the private airstrips and ships that actually transport it will be magically stopped by a wall. Dale’s post about executive powers is interesting, but it’s more interesting to me just how shockingly stupid you have to be to think a mother****ing wall is going to do anything, and how ins
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