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  1. Yeah, I never thought of that. Is your last name Chad, by chance?
  2. So, I decide to take a break from running tournaments and sit down to play. I announce to the table that I am only going to look at one card, and I will play on the merits of that card until the river, or until a substantial raise. For theatrics, I cap all four corners of one card right as it's dealt to me. Internally, my strategy is to limp on big cards except clubs, raise on medium cards, except clubs, and fold small cards. On the clubs I reverse my strategy, so that it is randomized. Granted, I am still betting in a way that has me raises with iffy hands most of the time. Like I say above,
  3. Yes you did. Who, that you can beat, will call you.TPTK is dangerous because it is the LOWEST hand people will stick it all in with. No puts it all in the middle with top pair, second kicker, right?
  4. And now people are defending him over there. Wow. Just wow.I just value my time more than he does. I prefer spend it mocking him wasting time than doing something productive.
  5. Dude just ain't hooked up right.I'm trying to imagine him having dinner with Daniel when he pulls one of those "leave an extra $100 with the check" moves. It's funny.
  6. There are times it pays to be theatrical, but in general, no.For instance, I was in a tournament where player made a basic position bet, tookthe pot and showed everyone his rags that totally missed. So, on the next hand, I call his raise preflop and eventually push him off of pocket tens (he was stronger than I realized!) on a low connected board, so I spun my hand up reminding him that he should have just taken that pot he bluffed and been happy. I was table captain from then on, and stayed out of my way until the table broke.That was a useful play then, but it was part of my specific purpos
  7. All verbal declarations in turn are binding.You said raise, so you're raising. It's not that you CAN put chips in, you MUST put chips in. Since you did not declare the amount you are still at liberty to decide what it is.As a tournament director, this [bALONEY] your friends pulled really pisses me off. They were OBVIOUSLY limping in with weak hands and wanted to get in as cheap as possible. This is why poker players annoy the bejeezus out of me sometimes: the nonstop angle shooting supposedly made because they just care about the rules more than the other guy, when they really jsut want to gam
  8. Short answer:It is extremely foolish to BLUFF here. Feel free to bet for value or anything else. Just don't bluff.
  9. Right, just like when Clinton invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam, he browbeat our intelligence agencies (and those of our allies) into giving him the data he wanted, ignoring adverse information, and firing anyone who spoke out otherwise so that he could more forward with the invasion plan he had already decided to do. Just like Bush I. Just like Reagan. Just like Carter.Oh, wait, they DIDN'T. Umm, what was the question again?
  10. Please review:Limbaugh, RushOr, if you're in to some more considered reading:Politics lost And I appreciate your reinforcement of mine.
  11. The list of people who match that description is long and not illustrious. David Koresh springs to mind.
  12. Just because I feel like it:1. The insanely out-of-control federal budget, where the President did not issue a single veto his first six years in office; The decision to go to war in Iraq, which was clearly his to make; the continued employment of Donald Rumsfeld, who offered to resign and had his resignation declined by Bush; The appointment of Michael Brown to head FEMA, a presidential appointment; the decision to form the Department of Homeland Security at all. Just off the top of my head.2. Primarily nations in the Middle East and North Korea. Middle Eastern nations (presently) have their
  13. And I appreciate your having put yourself in a position to do so. Thank you for your service.
  14. Or, possibly, also very informed. Dismissing people who disagree as uninformed is like ranting at people for bad play at the poker table. If the person is in fact merely uninformed, you look like an ***, and you are motivating them to be a better enemy. If the person is NOT uninformed, and quite possibly knows a lot more than you do, you're a presumptive idiot who is precisely delineating for everyone what the limits of your knowledge are. it's a lose-lose.
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