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    What do you think? Poker of course...
  1. Currently playing $10K Guaranteed on Stars. User name: JoeyFinngarsAround 170 left to go....sitting around 30th
  2. Came in 5th for $85.Played a couple of key hands poorly with some ill timed calls as the blinds got high which left me the short stack.Thanks for the rail guys.
  3. 2/6....playing well but not getting too many cards at the moment.
  4. Lol....took me a second to figure that out, I'm a little tired.
  5. Hey guys....need the FCP support to pull this win off.Tourney #361185437S/N: JoeyFinngarsSitting 5/9
  6. took 2nd for $245.....headsup i over played AAxx and handed over the chiplead, then got it in with nut flush draw vs. set and thats all she wrote.
  7. 3 left....i have 1.1 mill 2nd place has 380k , 3rd 200k
  8. a couple of big hands and the chip leader going on tilt puts me in 1st with double everyone else....5 left.
  9. thanks3 of 7 now and completely card dead. blinds are getting high.
  10. Tournament 288447069$330 for 1st...currently I am 2/9.If anyone is bored come rail the table.
  11. Can you give us micro-grinders some tips on how to kick ass like you?Always interested in hearing how the successful players manage to maintain consistent results.
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