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  1. That's kind of where I was at...thanks for the thoughts guys...Jayray
  2. My bad.....I will try again, sorry.We are playing six handed. The girl takes a pretty big hit, all but like 3BB. As the cards are being dealt for the next hand (with her in the BB) she pushes the remainder of her chips out and says "I am all in dark"...and the other guy (the button) says "you can't do that from the BB, you are acting out of turn...these other folks may have limped/raised/whatever if you hadn't stated you were all in dark".... So no one else had acted yet, the girl utg immediately folds...and so on......Is this ok?
  3. Playing in a home game this weekend and the following situation came up.....6 handed NL Holdem Tournament. Girl in the BB was extremely short stacked and verbally declared all in before the flop (she had about 3BB).....another player questioned this saying that it would affect the play of others at the table who may have otherwise limped.....is this allowed? To me it seems that she is acting out of turn.....thoughts? thanksJayray
  4. Anybody have a link? I can't find anything on the net? RIP Chip....
  5. This should open it up a bit.....Cannonball Run II
  6. One of the best albums ever made......no question...
  7. Yeah, for a mega-rich superstar....that guy has had a rough way to go in life......pumped out some great music though....
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