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I Called In Sick Today

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and after 3 days, he is risen!

If you are paying $20 for a haircut, I imagine people assume you did it yourself anyway.

Pocket change cost me my first and only black girlfriend.   It was in the middle of a roaring poker boom and I was flush in ways most men don't even bother dreaming of. Money, it was like dirt to me

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oh yeah, got like 30 hours into studying and decided I just wasn't interested. feel ok about it at this point. as far as costly mistakes go, it's pretty mild.


the idea is interesting. I don't know how serious she was, or how serious I am. but it would be pretty cool to live in London.

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Strongly worded letter didn't go so well? Twitter barrage up next?


haven't sent it yet. don't have scanning set up on my work computer yet (for some reason) and I need to scan the original letter in to attach it. having second thoughts now though since everybody thinks I'm a moron for not knowing it from the beginning. I don't know, who cares. I'm an idiot so I deserve to lose money I guess.



yeah strat, move to england.

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Doesn't hurt to try. What's the worst that happens, they say no and you're back where you are right now? They may throw you a fee or two back or make sure your APR goes up.


Try the twitter thing and see if you get a response. Not sure if you DM them or not.

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Question for my lawyer. My roommate ****ed a married chick, oh, 9-10 months ago, and she got preggers and I guess recently had the kid and is now getting my roommates info for a DNA test or what have you. (This is the loser roommate, btw) Now, he's saying that some dude he works with (who, is obivously black) said the same thing happened to him and even though it was his kid he didn't have to pay any child support because the the bitch was married. I said I don't know if I'd trust that legal defense. Thoughts?

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Yeah, after a little googling it seems like he might actually be off the hook if they put the husbands name on the birth certificate, which they typically do by default or something. I don't know. TALK TO MY LAWYER.

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Don't listen to this guy. Just do it. What's the worse that could happen?


this is a matter of the heart, not some science theory. leave it to the experts..


Yeah, after a little googling it seems like he might actually be off the hook if they put the husbands name on the birth certificate, which they typically do by default or something. I don't know. TALK TO MY LAWYER.


not legal advice at all, since i don't know anything about iowa, but from what i understand - if a married woman has a baby, there is a legal presumption that the husband is the father. however, if the husband contests and asks for paternity the husband can "get out" of paying the child support. my guess would be that if your roommate takes that paternity tests and comes out the baby daddy, he'll be paying somehow.


Legal advice: tell him to contact an iowa layer immediately and don't take any tests unless that lawyer says he has too.


Your lawyer needs to tell us about his date last night.


sorry my nap ran long and the KU game is about to start. i'll get in on it very soon though.

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Yesterday’s story really begins in the shower. I was enjoying a fine shower. A long and hot and steamy shower where I let my thoughts run free. My thoughts ran to Emma and her body and her mind and her confusing ways. I decided I wouldn’t say anything about “us” or anything like that. I’d just show up, make sure she knows I like her and see what happens. My main man Whiskers always tells me not to ask questions and act like man, so that’s what I decided to do. Maybe 10% I could do that, but still, a plan is a plan.


Anyways, I get out of the shower and look at my phone and see that Emma has texted me. I check the text and it’s a long one and it says she needs a huge favor. This favor involves filling out a character reference and having it notarized. No big deal. I get that done and head off to school. My day goes fine and when class is over I head to the restaurant. Buca on the plaza (for strat). Place is amazing. I had the cheese manicotti and it was perfection.


We talked about her birthday last week and that night out and the hickey, but nothing really important was said. We talked about Thanksgiving and what our respective plans were. I told her how horrible my family is and how I don’t enjoy the holidays because of that and she said, “Well, when we’re married we can just go to my side of the family.”


That would be perfect I said.


Pretty earlier on in the dinner she asked me if she could come over after and use my printer. Hers is broken and she needed to print some stuff related to that character reference and it had to be done tonight. No problem, Emma, my printer is your printer. I assumed it would take a few minutes and then we could watch a movie or at least I would ask. Nope, the “printing” was 2.5 hours of filling out forms that couldn’t be saved on-line and then printing and scanning some stuff. So yeah, she did that at my kitchen table while I watched TV. When she was done she thanked me over and over again and commented several times on how good I am too her. Those are good things, right?


It was 10:30 by now and she had to be up early so she left. I walked her to her car and we hugged. I wasn’t going to kiss her unless she really made it known she wanted me too. Which she did. She kept her arms around my waist and our naughty bits tight together and pulled her head back and looked up at me. With that obvious invitation, I kissed her. And I kissed her long and good. She told me to text her later and I said I would. I went inside on top of the world.


It’s really going to suck when it doesn’t work out and my heart breaks again.



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Kid beat it like it was a black shoplifter and he was a Korean store owner

Or something.


Now it's time to ratchet it up. Next time she's filling out forms at your desk, lil massage of the shoulders that transitions into a neck kiss. Dammit, I'll need to show you how. If I could kiss your neck and show you how, I would. I'll film my technique and text it to you.

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been talking to LG a lot more lately. talk of job searching in London. the ease with which a fiancé visa can be obtained. I am gonna apply to this consulting firm her roommate works for just to see what they say.


maybe the passport I needed for the CFA will come in handy after all


"fiance visa"?? um....oh.



Yeah, I'm aware of how silly the idea is. London is an idea for a person with an established career, not some entry level tard-o. LG makes like, double what I do, though, and the work sounds pretty similar.


She makes double what you do because after cost of living and taxes, it's 3 times more expensive to live in London than KC


I don't know, if there's anything black guys know about it's getting out of paying for kids





So I'm on the I 5 this morning, just north of L.A. and the traffic is heavy (shocker) so we're barely moving. At one point I glance over to my left and theres a young guy at the wheel of a car toking away on his pot pipe. So L.A.

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You should find a good podcast to listen to.


I enjoy the Dan Lebatard podcast. It's 2 hours every day and they cut out the commercials. It's Miami sports based so that works for me. Fortunately, they don't take calls because sports fans are the worst and ruin shows. As do bad hosts, as most sports talk radio people are.


The only bad thing about radio is they repeat stuff for new people tuning in

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The Adam Carolla show is a must listen. It'll probably make you hate LA even more when he goes on his rants about how awful the traffic is. That's a solid hour and a half every day. You could listen to "This American LIfe" to counter the anger, but that's only an hour once a week.

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