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Unbelievable Pics

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ownedcatbydog9bz.jpg...and I have a great pic with some non sexual male nudity that I posted in the batcave... maybe I'll have to drop it here and try to get it past 5-0.ownedflagburner6vi.jpg
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besthandjobintown7rf.jpg A car wash called Scrubbers was reprimanded last week by advertising watchdogs in Britain for its new advertising campaign featuring billboards that boast: "the best hand-job in town". The car wash, based in Luton, near London, offers a series of extremely tempting services including "The Quickie," "The In 'n' Out" , "The Polish Off" and of course, "The Full Monty."
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From the Irish Pop Idolaa1oc8ks.gif
That's really from "So You Think You Can Dance" I remember seeing that happen.
What's with the Helmet one?
It's on upside down as in the part that should be the "facemask" is really around the neck..
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